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  1. Either you're connecting the wrong contacts, not making the connection correctly, or your board is borked. Most likely the 1st or 2nd.
  2. Complete Dell desktops start at $300, brand new, with monitor and accessories...and probably better performance. You should try to be more realistic about the price you can expect out of your machine...at least if you are motivated to sell soon. From a business perspective, honestly, I would keep your good "core" components - mobo, CPU, and sell everything else (your ram, your old power supply, etc). Put all of the money in the bank and collect a few months interest. Then complete your system when the new AMD sockets and DDR2 support come out, and the prices on S939/DDR products start coming down.
  3. They are headers on the mobo which can be enabled and disabled in the BIOS. You need external brackets to connect to them to provide the interface to your devices.
  4. Isn't the quirk with odd post logo colors and ATI vga cards semi-common?
  5. thx for the correction. @GutBuster: try what palehorse said
  6. It's part of the nForce driver package. If you installed it, it's a subset of the NVIDIA drivers. If you didn't, it's not installed.
  7. Pull your network cable, uninstall the nvidia firewall business...reboot, plug your cable back in.
  8. Heh, just got back to this thread. Sorry you had to reinstall! I had asked about the DHCP server because it sounded like you were having issues between MAC and IP address translation. Because a simple reinstall fixed it, I'd almost guarantee that was the problem. It *might* have been solvable, but you did find the easiest solution (network troubleshooting sucks and takes a long time). For the future, you may want to try a long power cycling of your router (or external dhcp server, if you have one). Use the reset button, unplug it for quite awhile (think cmos clear), set it back up.
  9. Weak power supply...looks like it's rated at 18A on the 12v rail Probably want to consult the recommended power supply list. You're almost guaranteed to get a better overclock than you are currently.
  10. Supposedly jewelers can reattach the pins, if you were able to recover it.
  11. What type of hardware is hosting the DHCP server? Do you have the capability to clear its old leases and such?
  12. The pinouts given in the paper manual I recieved with my Ultra-D are correct; perhaps use the online manual for the Ultra-D/SLI-D* series? This thread looks like a similar situation, might help... http://hardware.mcse.ms/message276165.html
  13. Right click system-tray icon --> Open --> Options --> Advanced (tab) --> Bottom Checkboxes (joy!)
  14. PCIe power connectors And what's this? AMD64 X2 3800+ Winchester
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