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  1. finally someone told me that artifacts arecaused by ur video card. there are alot of us geforce 6800 GS users who are getting particled start up screens that have flashing blocks and then go black after showing the windows loading screen. shutting down and powering up usually fixes it but no one can help with this problem yet. ive had that problem since january when i built this computer. its been very upsetting, everything seems to run stable from testing, and i reseated the card and made sure everythign makes good contact but nothing fixes the issue.
  2. well i just found another thread about a guy getting this problem, and guess what, he has a geforce 6800 gs also. almost all of us have this video card. its my number one suspect, but i dont have the kind of money to buy a new card and test out my theory.
  3. i have had this problem since i built my computer in january. and u are right, it only happens every now and then and usually corrects itself after shutting down and restarting again. i have yet to get an answer to this problem and as far as i can see everything i have runs stable, i even memtested for 3 hours which was like 5 full tests and i did 20 full passes of test 5 like u are supposed to and it ran stable no errors. i will say this though, the one thing i just now noticed and has been common among others who have this problem is that our video cards are GEFORCE 6800 GS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do not know what the heck it is with these cards but that is my number 1 suspect for the problem. because well, it really is the one link between everyone ive read about that has this problem. go to this post and read it and you will see what im talking about http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47656
  4. im still gonna say that theres a problem with the graphics card or the combination of the card with the mobo. i believe this board has been known to run perfectly fine with other cards. ive gotten the scrambled bootup twice this week so far. i was just thinking though, these cards come overclocked out of the box, does that mean that they need any more power supplied to them in the bios settings? someone more experienced with this kind of stuff knows better then i do, just a thought that crossed my mind if anyone minds answering.
  5. well mine works correctly at least 75% of the time. i can go a whole week or more without it happening like this past week, and then this morning, bam!! it happened again. so i dont know if you really "fixed" it or not. just give it time and about 10-20 bootups to see
  6. both models have the lights in them im pretty sure. vc-re is called "twinkling vga cooler" even though it doesnt twinkle, the LEDs stay constant from what ive read before.
  7. my refresh rate is at 70Hz, i dont think that is too high at all. and if it is, why would it cause the bootup problem we are all having?
  8. ive been using an LCD monitor 17", and i still get it every now and then. so that might not be it. what is your max preamble set at like hanzo was saying he changed? im checking mine tomorrow.
  9. here the link to the evercool vc-re. http://www.jab-tech.com/Evercool-VC-RE-Twi...er-pr-2291.html im getting one soon as well.
  10. yeah everyone asks this question. evercool vc-re. thats just it. im getting one soon, cuz mines spazzin out really loud also. next time DFI, make a longer lasting fan!! lol
  11. i get the same problem too! i have alreayd made a thread about it on these forums in this section is you want to look it up. i labeled it as particled and choppy but its the same thing you guys have. i notice we all have the geforce 6800 GS. im guessing that might be the source. my power supply is not inadequate by any means, and this problem occurs alot less frequently then it used to, but it still happens every so often and i really never found the source of it. im guessing its our vid cards though since we all have that in common. keep up to date on anything new as to this problem please!! edit, we all dont have the 6800 like i thought, but i still think it could be the source. one day i tried to reseat the vid card while power was still running to the computer while it was off( i know it was dumb of me), out of no where when i kinda pushed the card, my computer started up. scared the crap out of me, and there was no reason at all that should have happened just by trying to push the card in.
  12. yeah, the evercool vc-re is the best to get from everything ive read and looked at. im gonna try cleaning it here today though and making sure its aligned and on tight, see if the noise goes down any.
  13. seems that just like so many others that own the ultra-D nF4 mobo, the chipset fan has gotten very VERY loud upon startup and just running normally. it has yet to lose any RPM's but im afraid to wait until it does. so it looks like i'll be buying an evercool vc-re to replace it with. oh how i do loathe taking the board out of the case and having to do actual work on it again lol.
  14. yes i realized after taking a closer look at the wire for the fan in my PSU that it is only a sensor and ground wire, no power. stupid me
  15. yes i did relabel them in smart.ini. now everything looks correct, when i slow down the CPU fan, i can actually see it slow down in the case, same for the chipset fan so i know they are correct. the other fan is my PSU fan though, and it seems to run constantly no matter what i do in the options of smart guardian.
  16. hey joop, in case you were wondering about my post #53 and all the stuff about the fans, pretty much the 3 fans you can sensor are just whichever fans you have plugged into the 3 fan connectors on the board with sensors. (3 of the 5 total have sensors) i just so happened to have my chipset fan plugged in to the one that you had labeled as "Exh. Fan", my CPU was in the correct spot, and in the third i have my PSU fan plugged in. pretty much you can plug any fan into any of the 3 with sensors and it detects their speeds, you just personally have to figure out which fans you have plugged where and label them appropriately in the smart.ini lol. i did test this by going into the options shutting off the fans one by one, and seeing which fans on the mobo stopped when i did this. i dont suggest doing it for too long though, just long enough to check lol.
  17. yes you can change "the mad overclocker" by going into C:Program FilesITESmart Guardian and going into the smart.ini, scroll down until you see where it says "the mad overclocker" and just delete it and put what you want, i did that and it worked. make sure to save the original smart.ini to a different name though in case you fudge it up or something lol. and to get rid of those pictures its the same thing, i believe they are more to the top, and you just delete the text for them and they should be gone. p.s. im not responsible if you do something that messes it up lol, and if so just reload it off the cd or redownload it.
  18. yeah i am definitely going to get rid of most of he fans plugged into the mobo, i just saw that i am indeed using all 5 fan connectors on the mobo. i will leave the chipset fan and maybe CPU fan, but the rest are unnecessary i think.
  19. well, i do not have cool n quiet enabled, so thats not the issue, it might be the bios, ill check again, and it is the CPU fan, stock that came with my AMD 3200+. its plugged into the mobo, along with other fans, i hope im not overloading the mobo with fans. fans that are plugged into the mobo are CPU, chipset, intake fan in the front of my case, and i have a 3-pin sensor or power line i guess running from my PSU to the mobo.
  20. ok so my fan is still doing it, and now, when i start the computer it spins up, and sounds like a jet engine taking off, then stops, then spins up once im logged in my user and sounds like a jet engine again, but at least it stays spinning while im logged in, i think it might be dying...
  21. ok, i know it doesnt take a genius to know when the fan is dying, but, would the fan spinning up and sounding like a jet engine when i start the computer be a clue?
  22. im gonna have to check what my bios settings are. if anything seems out of place, im gonna have to change it, but i never messed with those settings so who knows.
  23. well, every single time now when i start up my computer, my CPU stock fan for my 3200+ doesnt start off spinning. it kinda stutters, spins a little, stutters, but once windows is loaded and i log onto my user it spins up and continues the rest of the time. it always does it, i thought it might be dying, but it still spins up everytime once im into my user. it just doesnt while windows loads or its sitting at the login screen. is it dying? or is a setting just off in either my bios or smartguardian?
  24. yeah lots of people go with the evercool VC-RE and thats what i will be getting should my chipset fan die. if you need anything else though, theres the vantec iceberq copper cooler, or even the evercool VC-RF, pretty much the same as VC-RE but with an axtra plastic peice on top, and its actually listed under mobo chipset coolers.
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