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  1. Is there any way that I can make a dimmer for this? If so, how? If not, what else can I do to either turn off the backlight or somehow make it darker?
  2. haha not finished tweaking yet. i'm not too worried about an OCDB entry, if i get around to it, cool. as long as it works i'm happy.
  3. I finally did it! I know she'll hit 8+ hours easily. Just have to make an OCDB entry.
  4. This is my third time reapplying AS5 and remounting the HSF as perfectly as I can and it still shows a 10c difference between the cores at idle.
  5. Idle right now in MBM5 is 25-26c and load never goes past 40c.
  6. I've only had the CPU for a month. Just got the Thermalright and started using CoreTemp a week ago.
  7. Possible trade for an Opteron 148 + cash?
  8. Here's an idle screenshot and load screenshot (gets higher on core1 after a while of Orthos) And MBM5 show 38-39c
  9. I remounted it and it seems to be a tad bit better. Hmmm....still seems really unbalanced.
  10. I have an Opteron 170 topped with Arctic Silver 5 and a Thermalright Ultra 120 + Panaflow M1A. At idle using CoreTemp it's showing 18c/29c and under load Core1 goes 20c HIGHER than Core0. :drool: Core0 will be at 35-39c and Core1 will go up to 55-60c. What gives?
  11. http://www.coolitsystems.com/index.php?opt...task=view&id=81
  12. Definitely a great purchase if you need/want a fan controller! It was a breeze to install and it looks amazing with all the colors. :drool: Comes with silver/white/black faceplates and 7 different LCD colors to choose from. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...oducts_id=20901 Only $40, too!
  13. 2003 350z Track Nismo exhaust, lightened flywheel, JWT Popcharger intake, Valentine 1
  14. Pictures as promised.... I'm still working on her and I have a few more things coming in the mail. I really like having the hard drive cage removed, makes a world of difference.
  15. It doesn't work. The video card is in the way. I put a fan on it from an older AMD hsf. Seems to be working a little better right now! 34c so far and room temp is 79f.
  16. That's what I was thinking but I was reading over the installation guide on Thermalright's website and they didn't mention anything about mounting it that way.
  17. Can you install this sideways facing the front or rear of the case? Will it mount that way? Will it cool the same?
  18. I have a Shark but I'll post some pics here in a little while.
  19. With the temps I'm seeing with this setup and the quietness I don't think I'll be going watercooled anytime soon.
  20. You guys put some serious CRAP on your CPUs. Really amazing. Acetone? ROFL
  21. Very nice! I ordered a Evercool "thin" 80mm fan last night so I'm anxious to see how well it does. Also ordered a Panaflo M1 for my CPU/HSF. Such bad habits.:drool:
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