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  1. Really? I thought the output would allow connection to a 5.1 decoder? And that SPdiff output was encoded? Well you live and learn.. So basically I have a surround sound system as long as I use the standard jack outputs? (Which I might add, suffered from a hell of a lot of interfence) Looks like I might have to invest in a better sound card? Paul.
  2. Bump? Anyone? Or perhaps recommend a replacement speaker and decoder set? Paul.
  3. Mine came back today 16TF1Y Unleaded Better than the diesel set, put them in they worked with defaults straight away, the last set would not even post on default! Paul.
  4. Sorry fairly long post Had a few odd hours this sunday to try and find out why two of my audio channels were not working. So far I have the Creative decoder connected to Spdif, front, sub, and centre speakers work fine, however the rear give nothing? Decided to remove the Spdif and connect the inputs that go into the decoder directly into the motherboard audio connectors. All speakers now work fine, however there is an awful noise, popping, humming etc, it's as if the input into the amp is too high (Even after reducing everything in control panel) The self test for the speakers work fine, so can only assume that :- A: The decoder is chuffed? B: The Spdif output is somehow wrong? On the front of the creative I have an option to select stereo, Pro Logic, or Dolby Digital, but I can only select the first two? I have the realtek software loaded, and on self test it confirms the rear do not work. Is this a software? driver? or decoder problem? I am not too concerned if the decoder has died, just wondered what to buy to replace the speakers and decoder? As I do not wish to use the rear audio as it tends to be a bit noisey. (Unless you know otherwise?) I prefer to use SPdif with a single cable. All drivers came from the CD that came with the motherboard November last year. Paul.
  5. One interesting thing that has come to light whilst my HyperX is away. My motherboard is still reluctant to start first time. Even with another set of memory? (currently running with 2x256 533 modules) Wonder if I have MB problems as well?
  6. Really? They told me 5 - 7 days hence my comment about buying other memory. Oh well mine are boxed up and ready to go today. Wonder if the replacements will just plug in and work, without changing this that and the other in the bios. I am running out of virgins to sacrifice to get the bios settings working... Paul.
  7. Can I ask what is probably a dumb question? I have as I psoted previously set my bios to what crucial recommend, apart from one setting, I have it set to 1T and Crucial recommend 2T, where in this latest bios for my motherboard is this setting? I have read through most of the documents you kind guys have recommended, most of it goes over my head but getting a slightly better understanding. Since upgrading the bios my ram fails with memtest? I also had it overclocked to 250 before, now it's at stock 200. I really need to know what setting the command rate is in the bios so that I can tell crucial I have set it and tried it before I go down the RMA route. How quick are Crucial at replacing memory? Is it worth my buying another couple of dimms? saw some PNY in pc world at a resonable price. Paul.
  8. Patience whats that? Ram is in the Orange slots. and I have the following settings:- FSB Bus Freq 200 Mhz LDT/FSB Freq Ration X4 LDT Bus Trans width 16 (down arrow) (up arrow)16 CPU/FSB Freq Ratio auto PCI Express Freq 100Mhz K8 Coll & Quiet Disable CPU VID Stratup value Startup CPU VID Control Auto CPU VID special control Auto LDT Voltage control 1.20V Chip set voltage control 1.50V Dram Voltage control 2.80V Dram+ .03V Disable. Current Dram config, with the only stable settings I have thus found:- Dram Freq set 200=Ram/FSB:01/01 CPC Enable Tcl 3.0 Trcd 04 Tras 08 Trp 04 Trc Auto Trfc Auto Trrd 02 Twr 02 Twtr 02 Trwt 03 Tref Auto Odd Divisor correct Disable Dram bank interleave Enable DQS Skew control Auto DQS Skew value 0 Dram Strength Auto Max Async Latency Auto Dram response time Fast Read Preamble Time Auto Idle Cycle time 256 Dynamic counter Disable R/W Queue Bypass 16 X Bypass Max 07 X 32 Byte Granularity Disable(4 bursts) I really do appreciate your help with this, all I really want to achive is a stable machine. Regards Paul.
  9. Tried the setting you suggested, still failed the memtest, since upgrading the bios I cannot now run it at 250, and the ram will not work on anything lower tha 2.8V Getting a tad brassed off with this memory, perhaps I should stick to stock memory as to be honest I am not big on overclocking as I don't understand most of it.
  10. Thanks Guys for the reply, I set the voltage as per Crucials support, so will take your advice and lower it. It was the other setting I was concerned about 3-4-4-8 ? What exactly does that equate to? What prompted all the questions was a bios update, as in default auto settings I could not even get the machine to boot. Many hours of faffing about got it to run. Regards Paul.
  11. I have tried desperately to understand what most of you are referring to in the ram settings. Sorry to have to say that I am even more confused than I was before. Can someone with the same setup as myself please let me know exactly what settings I should have for the ram? According to Crucial support it should be 3-4-4-8 Which means nothing to me? What does each setting equate to? is it CAS,TRDC,TRAS,TRP in that order? I have my board set to :- Dram Freq, 200 01/01 CPC disabled CAS 3 TRCD 4 TRAS 4 TRP 4 TRC 8 TRFC auto TRRD 2 TWR 2 TWTR 2 TRWT 3 TREF auto TWCL auto FSB Bus Freq 250 Ratio X4.0 Dram volt 2.8 Spent hours trying to get it to fire up, only managed to get it to work with a single dimm, then went and changed settings till I could get it to boot properly. Have also updated the bios to 04/06/2006. Regards
  12. You can get the Titan from here.. http://hillscomponents.com/product.asp?V1=...=&PROD=571-0782
  13. Ok, thanks for the information. I followed your instructions to the letter, and you are quite correct I have it running at 250FSB. You mention in your post that the voltage of the Dram could be the problem? I have it currently set to 2.8v ? is that correct? Regards Paul.
  14. Well tot he best of my abilities I have follwoed the instructions from Crucial for my Ballistix memory, and I can only get it to work with the following :- Timings: 3-3-3-8 Memory Voltage: 2.6v FSB: 200MHz LDT/FSB ratio: x 5.0 DRAM Ratio: 1:1 Command Per Clock (CPC) - 2T or Disabled TCL: 3 TRAS: 3 TRP: 3 TRC: 8 TRRD: 2 TWR: 2 TWTR: 2 TRWT: 3 TREF: Auto DRAM Response time: Normal I did try the other settings mentioned further down the post, and my machine flatley rufused to go into windows. Now I am assuming that I am not getting the best from the system? although I have to say it was seemed so much faster than my old P4 3.0Ghz. Any suggestions? anyone? or even a point at a simplier post? Paul.
  15. Thank you for such a quick response, excellent, understood all of that Paul.
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