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  1. Well I will OC and I am aware of the bottleneck issues but I can't afford to move to C2d but I have been thinking about it. I know I could get a decent over 3GHz OC and my scores would go through the roof as well if I can mount my G5 on a intel board and a C2d then it would be water cooled as well as the GTss' Alas the kink in all our wants is the almighty $$$$$
  2. still only getting 85000 in Aquamark. with one card, only getting 73000 With drivers from Nvidias site, went back and checked all the settings........I am stumped.
  3. After about 30-45 minutes even with no activity, I know I have tried this, I get a random BSD and have to reboot. All hardware is at stock speeds. Hardware is in SIG. Any one have a similar issue, or have a solution?
  4. Running 8800GTS in SLI on an expert, with a Opty 170. @ stock getting 85K in Aquamark03. I know I should be getting MUCH HIGHER.............fresh install of XP and all drivers. Nothing running other then just the bare nessecities. Anyone have advice, suggestions?
  5. Thank you for asking the question because I would like to know the same.
  6. hey guys, its been a while since I posted here. I am moving from a Ultra-D to an Expert. Are there any major well known issues I should be aware of when I boot for the first time. I so plan to OC a opty 170, on water, and running SLI. I just want to get a heads up before I start throwing it together.
  7. This sucks, wish I could make a trek to the Meccha of Modding.
  8. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH okay so I called Newegg and it was explained to me that for now they are NOT taking Paypal payments because there was an issue with a number of pp accounts and payments. if I were able to place the order now in that if I had enough money in my debit account the lady woud have taken ANOTHER 25$ off the price! So 189-50= 139-25$= 114, so um yeah I could have gotten the chip for 114$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH just my luck. so anyway that is why they are not taking PP.
  9. Of the list vote and yes biased. Stacker 810 or 801
  10. anyone use paypal to buy the chip because I am not seeing a paypal option :-(
  11. wait a minute, didn'y NE used to take PP? I am sitting here looking at the payment page and no Paypal.........? Yeah I went back and saw the promo code:o
  12. put a pool together to for you to get an Opty HG, so you can test it?
  13. HG, thank you for the analogy. I loved it, simple and to the point. the sad thing is there will still be those who don't get it, and Still ask the same questions, still complain about the same problems.
  14. I use http://www.vopt.com/ Have been using it for nealry two years now, works great for cleaning up more then just defragging. I bought the license because I use it on like 6-7 different computers. Also I ahve noticed that after a while of using the demo on a number of machines that it woudl not work after a while, not that it expired or even when I just recopied the regkey. I would freeze, or not calculate right. After I bought the license I have not had to reinstall it. Works well every time. Great for cleaning out IE cookies, and anything related to cache files. My gf's sister brought her computer home from college after 4 years. She had over 100K files not kb or MB, in internet related CRAP! took about 20minutes to delete it all. I degfrag once a month or more when I remember. BUT this also depends, if you do a alot file transfers/copying/installing/uninstalling then it is good to defrag often. I do this: Run Windows Disk Cleanup Run All 5 of the VOPT clean up options Defrag. I only do this every so often. There are quite a few options with the program, if you have not looked into it, check it out. AND it is a small program. You can use it to defrag mulitple drives at once as well, as long as they are indivdual physical drives. Not Windows partitions.
  15. someone want to paypal me 50$, I will pay you back in less then a week when my check clears? I have 140in PP now :-( DAMNIT! or I would get one.
  16. I have a 170, have to dig up stats on it from previous owner, I have not used the chip myself but was shown screen shots from previous owner (can't remember his name off hand) I can dig all that up, still have PM's. I think it did at least 2.8 per core. If interested pm me and I will get the info. We can discuss price as well via pM
  17. I can spare three if you are still looking. I have at present 22, from my two stackers :-P
  18. If you own the boared then please respond. Are you moving to a new board when Am3 is available? Is this just a temporary hold over, or are you keeping the board and moving to AM3 chip as from what I have heard these are to support AM3? I am tempted to get this board as it offers alot, and I love the lay out. But I am hesitant because with AM3 not so far away, and DDR3. If this is a sound option then yes I will snatch one up, but not if it will fall by the way side in 2-3 months. (Yes I am aware of Moores law, and how fast the industry goes through hardware, but I am looking for a board to have for a while. Thank you ahead of time, phelan1777
  19. Yeah reality bites HARD sometimes, but that is when you have to bite back even harder ;-)
  20. Still under warranty, even better if NIB/Staticbag. looking for 60-65$ shipped. Drive is for a computer, for a friend with Leukemia, building a box for her and her son to use. She is into music ALOT that is why I am looking for a larger drive, or I would have just used a 40-60GB Thanks guys/gals Like I said this box is not for me ;-p, and would greatly appreciate a good deal.
  21. it was meant as a general statement, not directed at anyone, but that was good. ROFL
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