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  1. Well I will OC and I am aware of the bottleneck issues but I can't afford to move to C2d but I have been thinking about it. I know I could get a decent over 3GHz OC and my scores would go through the roof as well if I can mount my G5 on a intel board and a C2d then it would be water cooled as well as the GTss' Alas the kink in all our wants is the almighty $$$$$
  2. still only getting 85000 in Aquamark. with one card, only getting 73000 With drivers from Nvidias site, went back and checked all the settings........I am stumped.
  3. After about 30-45 minutes even with no activity, I know I have tried this, I get a random BSD and have to reboot. All hardware is at stock speeds. Hardware is in SIG. Any one have a similar issue, or have a solution?
  4. Running 8800GTS in SLI on an expert, with a Opty 170. @ stock getting 85K in Aquamark03. I know I should be getting MUCH HIGHER.............fresh install of XP and all drivers. Nothing running other then just the bare nessecities. Anyone have advice, suggestions?
  5. Thank you for asking the question because I would like to know the same.
  6. hey guys, its been a while since I posted here. I am moving from a Ultra-D to an Expert. Are there any major well known issues I should be aware of when I boot for the first time. I so plan to OC a opty 170, on water, and running SLI. I just want to get a heads up before I start throwing it together.
  7. This sucks, wish I could make a trek to the Meccha of Modding.
  8. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH okay so I called Newegg and it was explained to me that for now they are NOT taking Paypal payments because there was an issue with a number of pp accounts and payments. if I were able to place the order now in that if I had enough money in my debit account the lady woud have taken ANOTHER 25$ off the price! So 189-50= 139-25$= 114, so um yeah I could have gotten the chip for 114$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH just my luck. so anyway that is why they are not taking PP.
  9. Of the list vote and yes biased. Stacker 810 or 801
  10. anyone use paypal to buy the chip because I am not seeing a paypal option :-(
  11. wait a minute, didn'y NE used to take PP? I am sitting here looking at the payment page and no Paypal.........? Yeah I went back and saw the promo code:o
  12. put a pool together to for you to get an Opty HG, so you can test it?
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