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  1. Well it seemed that the yellow slots are what work for me, I hope that can resolve your issue as well. Edit: As soon as I posted this they got thousands of errors in memtest86+. They still don't even boot in the orange slots.
  2. Thank you for your help RGone. I've had this motherboard for about 4-5 months, I forgot to mention that before. I think I have resolved the issue but I'll be more content when it's memtested over night without any problems. First, I loaded the 623-2bta BIOS (I had 704-2 before) and then I moved from the orange slots to the yellow ones. I was very surprised but the yellow slots are actually more stable for me. After an overnight memory test (memtest86+ 1.65) I'll report my results. Thank you very much again for the support. Edit: Although the sticks don't even boot in the orange slots they aren't memtest stable in the yellow slots. Can anyone think of anything else? Everything was stock except for 2.8V for memory.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm still trying to get everything to work but with no success. I have emailed OCZ to see if they know of any possible problems with EL Plat2 and the motherboard. I don't why I was asking about the RMA here, sorry about that small brain fart. However does anyone know how ZZF handles RMAs? I'm going to wait a few days first and play around with different BIOSes and see if I can get anything to work first but I just want to have a good idea of how zipzoomfly is going to handle it if I have to resort to that.
  4. How long do you not want to overclock? If you're never going to I'd go with a less finicky board than the DFI. BUT, if you are going to overclock the DFI is well worth it. I have a Winchester 3000+ and when I had water I could get a 800mhz overclock out of it. I had great performance in games etc. It all depends on what your perception is, a 3000+ will do great but you can always spend more and get better performance.
  5. I have 1GB of OCZ Plat. Rev2 and am having the same problems (made a thread to see if RMA of board was possible.) I've emailed OCZ to see if newer Platinum has problems with DFI. I also memtested (on another board) for 16 hours with no errors so I know it's in working shape.
  6. I currently am having awful boot problems. I will try to describe my problems in full detail: On December 4 I recieved the memory and the PSU mentioned above. With both sticks in and the new PSU in I booted fine, no problems. I messed around a little with the memory to see how far I could get it and went to bed. The next day (12/05) I had absolutely no boot at all. The DFI Lanparty splashscreen would not even show (and the video card and VGA cord to the video card were both seated firmly). The diagnostic lights would get to 3 and stop. So, I followed the procedures to correctly recover from a no boot (http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24). Earlier, I had started memtesting both sticks of RAM in another computer. When I got home today I set the CMOS clear back to default etc. (had been in clear state for over 10 hours) Additionally the RAM had been memtesting for 16 hours without any errors. With one stick of RAM in I could boot. So after quickly memtesting once to make sure everything was somewhat OK I turned it off and added the second stick. I couldn't get to booting the OS and eventually couldn't even boot after messing with RAM settings in order to try to get to a working condition. I have tested rails on my PSU with a GreenLee digital multimeter while booting and have not seen any fluxuation outside +/- .01V. At this point I can see this problem reoccuring often because I have taken so many steps to stop it without any real progress. So, here's my question I know others are having this problem but I really don't want to go through the trouble to keep fixing this over and over on my board. I absolutely love DFI because both boards I've had have been somewhat successful (minus this problem) and for the support forum. So can I still RMA this board? Is it possible to get credit from this board towards a new SLI-Expert? Has the Expert been shown to reduce/eliminate these problems? Thanking you for taking the time to read my somewhat long thread. Edit: More information I can think of: -Was using orange slots only -Memory is TCCD or TCC5 according to http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24719 -All power connectors plugged in firmly -Memory seated firmly -Other known working RAM tried but I didn't put much effort into it because I want my TCCD to work, not the crappy generic stuff. Even the OCZ boots with one stick (but of course I want to use both)
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