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  1. I do have one last question. Does which SATA ports and ram slots make that big of difference and should you use certain ones (other than what you need to do for dual channel)? The reason I ask this is because when I got home I still was having issues with stability at all defaults and auto in bios. Just to see I moved the ran to slots 3&4 instead of 1&2. And I also moved my SATA drives from ports 1&2 to ports 3&4. I have now passed 40 minutes of uptime with SuperPi running in the background with out a hiccup. This still would have no bearing on the usb boot problem but I might try the disable usb in bios as suggested and see what that does. But the system seems at least stable and only change was ram slots and SATA ports.
  2. AG, thanks for the response 1. I was having the same problems with a 3200+ Winchester so it is not an Opteron problem 2. Since I was having boot problems from the start one of the 1st things I did was flash to the latest bios, v8/31. As to it not being a Lanparty and not being made to be an overclocker. Then the board needs to not be described as being the same board with just a few less bells and whistles. Nowhere is it ever stated that it is NOT made to overclock. And none of the reviews I read stated that either. I guess I just didn't read between the lines enough. 3. I have RMA'd the board, at least it will go back when my new one gets here. I should have done that a week ago when it wouldn't pass the ide scan on the 3rd time I started it. Or the 3rd day I ran it when it wouldn't pass bios information on to XP (cpu speed). Or the 4th day when I was getting the sound loop locks in a game (later cured by moving the video card from the top slot to the bottom). I just hope to get the system stable enough to use until the new board gets here.
  3. The way I look at it is this. The board not posting with a usb cable plugged in has nothing to do with my overclocking ability or settings. It has done that from Day 1. The inability of any change in speed settings to plainly show in the bios but not carry over to Windows when it loads has nothing to do with my overclocking experience, or even the steps I have taken to get to that point. You change the bus speed, exit and save, it changes the cpu speed, pure and simple. If this does not result in a cpu speed increase how is that my fault. Are DFI's so advanced that there is some other procedure to change the cpu speed? I think not. I think it is just a matter that I have gotten s screwed up board. I have tried to work my way through the problems here and elsewhere but have been met with the DFI supiority answers that I do not know what I am doing by almost everyone, almost. That alone is enough to turn a DFI newbie off of their products. Add to that the matter of a screwed up board and it is too much. I do thank you though wevsspot for the try to help.
  4. wevsspot, what's the point? This board has been screwed from the beginning. If you had a usb cable, only one, it would not get past the ide scan. Problem came and went. If you set any o/c in bios it registered there but would not carry over into Windows, I have posted about that here last week. I did do the Memtest and it passed what you asked at 275mhz @ It is not a memory problem. I will go home and see if I can recover my XP install, again, and try to get some kind of stability untill I can get my hands on another board. I have had my fill.
  5. Flakey bios is an understatement. Woke up to a BSOD this am. Wouldn't post after that. Cleared CMOS again and it wouldn't get past ide scan unless you unplug the lone usb cable from the board, and original build problem I thought had gona away. It then loaded Windows and I tried to reply to this but it BSOD again. I didn't have time then to gho any further with it. You say it is a "Value" board. It is sure not advertised that way. It is advertised and reviewed as basically the same as a LanParty without some of the Bells and Whistles. Maybe DFI needs to change their description. I just hope I am able to save my XP install when I get home to get some data off the HDD before another reinstall of the o/s, the 3rd in the week I have had this board. And why should I not jsuts jump into an o/c. I know the stable settings of both the ram and the cpu. Only difference is a supposedly HHigh Performance motherboard. And it wasn't immediatley anyway, it was 2 days later.
  6. I changed out my Meo2 Ultra for the baove motherboard last week. I kept the same cpu and ram at the initial build with the DFI, a 3200+Winchester and 2x512 of PC4200 Adata Hyperram. These did well on the MSI board, cpu maxed out at about [email protected] and the ram would do low 290's if wanted at I ran them at 2550 1:1 24/7. I expected the same if not better from the DFI board. Unfortunatley I was disappointed to only get 2300 stable at the same voltage levels. :confused: To top it off, I spent the most of a day just trying to get Windows to even see an overclock. I could get it set in the bios but when I got to Windows, everything reverted back to stock speeds. :confused: :confused: The problem just misteriously cured itself for some reason. But since I was also changing cpu and ram in this upgrade, I just let it ride until I got my 165 Opteron and a 2gig kit of PC 4000 G.Skill Extreem, which was last night. I have spent the time since then trying to get things stable. I would have thought I could run the Opteron at 9x250 1:1 since the ram is now only at it's rated speed, but it was not stable. I then changed the multi to 8x and ran the ram up to 275 and it passed. Now tried the cpu at 9x275 with the ram speed cut in half. When the board posted it tried to load the Raid controller, which is disabled in bios. I then spent the next 30 minutes trying to get any stable speed, only fixed by a pull the power clear of the bios, load failsafe and boot. Next tried setting both User controlled memory settings to manual instead of Auto, timings at 250mhz and passed Memtest. Changed cpu multi to 9x and booted into Windows and ran Prime95 for 90 minutes without an error. I thought maybe changing the 2nd (lower) instance of User control to Manual may have done the trick. Now I am getting somewhere. But just to make sure I had set the bus to 250 like I thought, I looked in GPUID and CPU-z and both now say the cpu is at 1809, default. WTF? I restatrt and check the bios and it still says cpu speed of 2250, 9x250, just like I had set it. Back into windows and it is now back to 1809, another WTF? Needless to say, I am starting to get a bit frustrated with this DFI board and I am really starting to think I have made a bad purchasing decision. But before I go off on somebody and start screeming for my $$$ back I thought I would ask for any suggestions as to what can be my problem. Any suggestions??? Bios is v8/31
  7. There are some drivers that you would always install except on a DFI board, like the SW-IDE driver. I have found a bunch of things I would do when I ran an MSI or an Abit, you do not want to do with the DFI. That's why I asked, I wanted to make sure.
  8. I am getting an Opteron for my Infinity SLI board. It already has the latest bios (8/31 if I remember) so it should recognize it. My question is do you have to install the AMD Dual-Core driver and the XP patch immediatly or just if you have problems? And also, is there anything else I have not found yet? TIA
  9. Thanks, I will give them a shot after I finish a total reinstall. Should have done that when I switched from my NEO2 but I got lazy. I had to install the SW-IDE driver to get things working right then and things have been just a might flakey since. I am rectifying that now, and doing it the right way.
  10. I am a newbie to DFI's but I am not a newb to overclocking. In the bios I have the bus frequency set to 230mhx, the hammmer something (I figure to be the clock multi) set to 10x. This bios shows CPU frequency as 2300which it should. But when I load XP and fire up CPU-z it still shows a core speed ot 2010. I must be missing something but with no bios manual it is hard to find. I need to get this sorted out before my Opty 165 gets here.
  11. I agree with both of you about that. Just got a bit lazy and decided to see if it was possible since both boards had NForce chipsets. If the chipsets had been from different manufacturers i would never have tried it.
  12. AG, I followed this when I installed my m/b last night. I had all kinds of IDE problems, cd drives wouldn't work, etc. I fixed it by installing the SW driver. Was this about face caused by not doing a reinstall of Windows and just updating chipset drivers from my old MSI NF board? Anyway it is working now.
  13. That could be it. I just remember that it would do it when I checked before, didn't remember why. I see I just need to change sticks to get to 2g. That answers one of my questions. Thanks I also think I found out that yes, the Opty 165 will work as I saw some tests with the setup posted in reviews last night. And it also looks like maybe some Patriot LL ram will fill the bill.
  14. I have this board coming and I now have a few questions. First off, yes, I know it does not have all the bells and whistles of a Lanparty, but it does fill my needs for a venture into SLI world. Here are my questions: 1. Will this board work with an Opti-165? In case I upgrade from my current 3200+ Winchester. If not, I know it will work with an X2 2. How would 5x512 sticks of ram work? I currently have 2x512 of 4200 Hyperram and the cheapest way to 2 gig would be to just add 2 more sticks. I know my MSI Neo2 would back the ram down if you used 4 sticks. 3. If I was to get all new ram, what should I look for? I am not into names and bragging rights. I am after performance only. So it does not have to say Ballistics, it just needs to perform. This is my first use of a DFI and I hope it is a good experience.
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