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  1. This is just a follow up for anyone who runs into same problem as I did. I was running OCCT at stock speed and it kept failing around 6 percent thru occt. My problem was that I had disabled "Data Execution Prevention" in windows. To enable this, right click on my computer, goto advance and click on settings under performance. Make sure you enable "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only". The only reason i found this was b/c of a printer problem
  2. I should have clarified, I do not see that alarm message. I'm simply getting a pop up console asking me to send email. It just so happens to say "Temp Alarm" becaue that is what I configured in email "Subject" option. I'm guessing there is no alarm, but I have some setting enabled for sending emails (I thought it was interval log but I do not get the message all the time).
  3. Ok Here is text file. I have all alarms to zero, I am not getting dialogue box telling me which alarm it is though.
  4. Sorry--Was running late for poker last night and couldn't get "ini" files to upload. thought I renamed to .doc but it still have .lnk suffix. Here they are.
  5. Ok--sorry. Here is two init files.
  6. Blooz--I am seeting Ram ratio to 100(Mhz)(1/02) setting.
  7. Thanks for all the posts. I am still confused, one says OCCT uses memory and antoher says it doesn't. I have ram on max divider as described in overclocking section of this board. For some reason I think cranking up voltage is the answer, because I was able to pass OCCT before when voltage was cranked. I'll give it a try tonight. My concern was that I can't even run at stock speeds, but my system is stable for simple things. I can also run 3DMark05.
  8. This is during superPi testing.
  9. Ok--I hope I have obeyed all rules...this is my first build and 2nd post to this forum. I started building this system two weeks ago and have lived on these forums to get the most out of overclocking. I am not sure what bios I started with (ordered board from newegg a month ago) but at one point I was able to overclock my venice 3000+ at 2.6 ghz @ 1.47 volts (ldt=1.4/chipset=1.7). My PWMIC and Chipset temps never got above 55 degrees and my cpu temp never above 45. I was having problems with memory and posted on ocz board. They recommended bigtoe bios and new settings. I downloaded bios using iso image and installed. Ran memory @ 200Mhz with 2-2-2-8 timings and passed memtest. I proceeded with overclocking venice but I am now failing occt within a minute. I went back into bios and loaded optimized settings but still fail @ 1.8 ghz. Any ideas of how to isolate this problem? I'm guessing its processor but I want to be sure its not the board.
  10. I have installed MBM monitor and used the config specified in sticky post. I went and disabled all alarms except for PWMIC, Chipset and CPU temperature. Whenever I start doing benchmarks, the alarm is going off but temps are way that of what I specified. Any ideas? I have attached my log file.
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