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  1. Well i not new to building pc all was working fine guys thats the thing ram was in orange slots (2gb) and all was fine had it set at fast setting in bios no overclocking. worked for a few days then just died on me. PSU has plugs for all slots on mobo and gfx cards are pluged in not had any troble after IRMA'd board first time not shes dead or CPU is.
  2. I tryed diffrent rams and gfx card the board just wont post it just sticks. it's the same with no ram or cpu and with my other rigs ram/gfx. I also leave it to clear cmos all night and still dead. This board came dead and only worked after I RMA'd it the first time now it just died on me when I was pluging in my speakers in.
  3. Can anyone help with this or not?? ive had so many troble with this board it's untrue only had it working twice time to RMA it again i guess.
  4. Still dead just stoped for no reson and now not reading cpu i not got another to test it.
  5. My rig was running fine then it just shut off, now wont start up screen. stuck at 4leds on board not even trying to use gfx card. i've just got this pc set up with windows all worked fine then just died. tryed clear cmos no luck what could of happened? ive tryed ram in all slots im sure it's not registing the cpu. last thing i was trying was putting speaker cables in back when it died ive removed sound card no help either.
  6. Ok guys i'm sending the board back for a replacement but i just want to know what i need to do once ive booted up and set optmimal setting and got windows going, First i heard xp only reconises the cpu as a single core do i need a patch for this? Secondly with my ram is it better to tweek them in the bios or leave them as they are set defualt? Thirdly as for flashing the bios, is it worth doing it to the beta or should i wait till theres something better? Thanks in advance Jimm
  7. thank for all the help guys but nothing worked ive had thi board in and out a few time now and dfi refue to take it back! i'll be sending this board back to who i brought it off and aking for a new one but i'm not ure i with all these damn trobles the shame is that i liked what this board could offer
  8. i had the sameproblem with mine, i'm going to send it back and see if new one's ok if not i'll be getting a refund. It's not like this is a budget board and 50% of them don't work
  9. This mite be a silly question but dou plug in the 24 pin connecter or the 4pin? or both
  10. ive not even had it turn my screen on yet, and i always thought dfi made relieable boards but i guess notc onsidering this is new Edit BTW i have a hiper type R 580W
  11. i tryed all that and no joy, should i send it to dfi?
  12. i need help with my mobo it won't display anything and the 4 leds stay stuck on. all leads are connected and nothing is loose. i have the rams in the orange slots anything else it could be or do i have a dead mobo?
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