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  1. make me an offer. the cooler will be included
  2. i have a 200gb WD SATA-II drive if you're interested. if so, PM me
  3. if you still need a video card, i have an X1800XL with a Zalman VF700-Cu LED cooler already installed for sale (fyi, i used Arctic Ceramique too). Drop me a message if you're interested.
  4. *bump* Still available and the price is down to $1000 Canadian.
  5. ^^^ bump... as of now, i'll ship it anywhere in Canada for no additional cost. i dont have any up to date pictures since my camera broke, but i'll provide what i can to anyone who wants it. screenshots are also not a problem to prove my hardware specs and benchmark performance. This system gets 9000+ 3dmark05 points when overclocked.
  6. I'm always on the go and I need a notebook, so the tower needs to go. I really hope I can sell it whole without parting anything. It comes configured as follows: Q-Tec Apple G5 MIDI Tower Thermaltake Silent PurePower 480W DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Winchester Gigabyte G-Power Pro CPU cooler 1GB OCZ Gold VX PC4000 ATI Radeon X1800XL 256MB Zalman VF700-Cu LED VGA cooler 200GB Western Digital CaviarSE SATA-II 8mb cache 52X32X52 LG GCE-8527B CD-RW 1x 80mm Blue LED case fan (side panel) 1x 90mm black case fan (back) Now asking $1000 CDN. PM me if you're interested.
  7. personally, i experience a performance decrease with this catalyst version. my 3dmark05 score dropped by 500+ points and all my games dropped a few frames. i'll be going back to omega's 6.7 drivers and hope 6.9 is better. might also be worth mentioning that i was getting artifacts at my previous highest oc on my video card (675/675) whereas 6.7 didnt cause any problems until i pushed it to 685.
  8. nobody can think of anything? worst comes to worst, i'll try reinstalling windows or keep it as it is. hopefully someone could give me a tip of what i could do
  9. I recently reformatted my computer and installed Windows XP Media Center 2005. its something i do every couple months to keep things fresh, so its nothing new to me. I've even customized my Windows disc to do half the work for me during setup. heh. anyway, this time around I'm having a small issue. I use Speedfan to monitor my temperatures and control the fan speeds, yet on this install, nothing happens when I change the fan speeds. I've temporarily solved the problem by installing ITE SmartGuardian off the LanParty drivers disc, and it must be running in order for Speedfan to respond to my changes. All my drivers are the latest versions available. I can't think of anything I did different this time when I installed Windows, so I can't think of why I'm having this problem now when I never did before. I tried reinstalling Speedfan but that didn't work, so I believe it must be a driver or system file that didn't install properly. Basically I just want to be able to control my fan speeds with Speedfan the way I used to without having SmartGuardian running all the time. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced guys!
  10. i've got a 17" widescreen. only up to 1280x768 is supported, but it's also an hdtv with a built in tuner, component input for 720p/1080i, optical audio out, etc its a nice screen, and games still look good. playing my xbox 360 on it also reminds me of playing a computer game
  11. it should work, but you may need to do the chipset mod to enable SLI, because the 7950GX2 is actually 2 cards, just running off a single x16 slot. search the forums for more information
  12. X2 4400+ Toledo @ 2.6Ghz 1.42v, prime stable with good temps
  13. the X2 heatpipe cooler is quite impressive actually. on my X2, i used it for a couple weeks then i replaced it with the Gigabyte G-Power Pro and it only runs a few degrees cooler. i sold the heatpipe cooler to a buddy of mine with an Athlon 64 3400+ and it keeps his processor under 30 idle, somtimes even below 25 and the fan turns off your temps look alright, but if you absolutely want to look into a better cooling solution, try a large 90mm or 120mm cooler for a little more quietness or even watercooling if you feel comfortable enough.
  14. 4806 3dmarks. 2005 marks on the X2 4400+ at 250*10, 1.4v, 1:1 mem
  15. got mine at 2.5GHz (1.42v) for my "safe spot" although i've been able to boot into Windows at up to 2.85GHz, although at that point it was unstable. 2.7g seems pretty stable though, but never primed it. 2.5Ghz is great for me, and evens the PR rating to a nice 5000+ reason for 2.5ghz as my sweet spot also relates to my PC4000 memory at DDR500, or 250Mhz... run the cpu:mem at 1:1 and put the multiplier down to 10x :nod:
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