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  1. The T3 is the exception, unless you know of another case that positions it's PSU at the bottom in the front of the case that is compatible with most PSU's
  2. I sure hope that's the case cause that T3 is sexy :nod:
  3. Yeah, I was going to get the Sunbeam NUUO series PSU but this case isn't like the rest, the PSU is at the front, bottom of the case. See the pic:
  4. I want this case oh so badly, however, it comes with a PSU w/the following specs: Seasonic/ARCTIC, active PFC 3.3V: 28A, 5V: 30A, 12V:17A -5V: 0.5A, -12V: 0.8A, 5Vs: 2A 450 Watt max. / 350 Watt continuous Power The system I plan on building is in my sig, is there any reason the supplied PSU would cause a problem? I will not be overclocking, if that makes a difference.
  5. hawkeye- I just picked up an MSI X800-TD128 from zipzoomfly.com for $109 after MIR and it outperforms the 6600GT for the most part. The 6600GT does do better on some games than the X800 but the specs lean heavily toward the X800 being a better card. See for yourself http://www.dinoxpc.com/Tests/VIDEO/X800vs6600GT/pag5.asp
  6. is that all? the X800 also has 12 pipelines, but only a 400mhz core, so where is the $21 dollar difference? The pixel fill rate and texture fill rate on the X800 is 4800 MPixels/sec and MTexels/sec, compared to 2000 for the x1600pro. The memory bandwidth on the x800 is 22.4gb/sec, compared to 12.48gb/sec on the x1600. There is only an 80hz increase in effective memory clock, the X800 has a 256bit memory bus type whereas the x1600pro is only 128bit. And lastly, the X800 has 6 vertex piplines, 12 texture units and 12 ROPs, compared to only 5, 4 and 4 on the x1600pro. I think I made the right decision :nod:
  7. for your situation and needs, totally understandable. I think i'm gonna go w/the X800, all of the numbers are better, the price is right, I hope it works out for me.
  8. I need to know if you had to choose between one of these two, which one would you get and why? I am buying the parts in my sig and have narrowed down my vid card choices to these two and would like to order tonight. Here are the specs on both: MSI X800 128mb DDR PCIe $137.99 plus $30 MIR Chip Name:R430 Chip Manufacturer:ATi Shader Operations:4800 Operations/sec Pixel Fill Rate:4800 MPixels/sec Texture Fill Rate:4800 MTexels/sec Memory Bandwidth:22.4 Gb/sec Core Clock:400 Mhz Memory Clock:350 Mhz (700 Mhz effective) 3dmark05:3802 Memory Type:GDDR3 Memory Bus Type:64x4 DirectX Compliance:9.0 Pixel Shader Version:2.0b Vertex Shader Version:2.0 Filtering Modes:Bilinear, Trilinear, 16x Anisotropic Anti-Aliasing Modes:2xRGMS, 2x2T SGMS, 2x3T SGMS, 4x2T SGMS, 4x3T SGMS, 6x2T SGMS, 6x3T SGMS, 6xSGMS, 4xRGMS Transistor Count:160 million Manufacture Process:110 nm Fragment Pipelines:12 Vertex Pipelines:6 Texture Units:12 ROPs:12 eVGA 6600GT $145.00 plus $20 MIR Chip Name:NV43 Chip Manufacturer:nVidia Shader Operations:4000 Operations/sec Pixel Fill Rate:2000 MPixels/sec Texture Fill Rate:4000 MTexels/sec Memory Bandwidth:16 Gb/sec Core Clock:500 Mhz Memory Clock:500 Mhz (1000 Mhz effective) 3dmark05:3681 Memory Type:GDDR3 Memory Bus Type:64x2 DirectX Compliance:9.0 Pixel Shader Version:3.0 Vertex Shader Version:3.0 Filtering Modes:Bilinear, Trilinear, 16x Anisotropic Anti-Aliasing Modes:1x2OGSS, 2x2OGSS, 4x4OGSS, 2xRGMS, 2xRGMS+5, 4xOGMS, 4xS, 6xS, 6x, 2x1OGSS, 4xRGMS, new2 8xS, 16xS Transistor Count:143 million Manufacture Process:110 nm Fragment Pipelines:8 Vertex Pipelines:3 Texture Units:8 ROPs:4
  9. measure the voltage times the amperage and you'll end up w/wattage :cool:
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