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  1. I Oced my Opty to 3.0Ghz at 300X10 1.5v 5/6 divider. It's always fun to compare to a 3700 cause it's pretty much the same thing. Good luck with your OC.
  2. check you mem timmings again. I had similar issues when I tried to tighten up the timmings on my machine.
  3. I would say upgrade only if you are having problems with factory one or if you wanna OC and have tried everything else!
  4. OC settings: HTT at 300mhz X4 CPU 10X at 1.5v(bios) mem 5/6 250mhz 3-4-4-8 2T 2.8v(bios) Super PI is fine for 32M. So I ran Prime 95 over night. I came back to find that the following msgs embeded between runs SUMOUT error occurred waiting five minutes before restarting and then the test has continued all the way to 100%. What is this error. Is this an indication of instability?
  5. Why does that matter? I thought between 1800 and 2200Mhz (X2) anything should be fine. Or is it?
  6. Latest OC and settings: 3.0 GHZ at 1.55v HTT 273Mhz 4X mem 9/10 divider 3-4-4-8(stock timmings) 2T 2.86v (reported at 231MHZ why? 5/6 should bring it to 245Mhz instead?) GPU coolbits OC from 470/1100 to 499/1200 3D MARK 05 score 8071 (all scores are consistantly higher than 8000) SuperPI stable and Prime 95 stable for 10hrs. The only question I haven't figured out since is why my mem divider does not set memory speed corretly.
  7. Optmized 3D mark drivers? you mean the latest drivers or drivers speacifically written to improve scores. Like I said I am not interested in OCing to reach higher and higher no.'s for the sake of braggin rights (not that I think there is anything wrong with that! I just happen to hang out with the kind of company that buys the $300 E-Machines at Bestbuy with a celeron cause it comes with a free printer lolz.. NO point in telling those idiots what my scores mean...) So I trying to get what ever real boost I can get out of my current machine. Mainly cause I don't have that many games to play and no point in having a powerful machine if I don't mess around with it NOTE: Still looking forward to some advice on tunning my setup further....
  8. I am using default 11X multiplier. Also I am now averaging 7660 on 3Dmark with no CPU memory OCing but instead Ocing my 7800GT CO from 470/1100 to 480/1200. I lowered my mem timmings to 2.5-3-3-6 from 3-3-3-7(auto) at 1T. I am far more impresed with the results produced my GPU ocing. A minot OC in that department got me quite ahead. Where as even 800Mhz on the CPU side have yielded little benchmark performance.(Real life performance is what I would like to see... but I really can't tell the difference... and the lower CPU clocks are more stable for now) I am not sure if this helps though. I tried to backwards OC from 2.8 and 3.0. Now I am going to try to go from stable 2.2 and see how far I can go maitaining stability. After going through angry's post... I see little sense in trying to fiddle with timmings and what not. For those who claimed to have been getting 8000+ scores in 3D mark. What are you doing differently?
  9. So any comments on why I am not able to select a 9/10 divider for HTT speed at 255? Meaning a 9/10 should bring the memory speed close to 230MHz but mine goes to 215MHZ.
  10. Since my last post I figured out that the jumper settings on the Mobo was limiting my ability to OC beyonf 2.8V. I can run 3.0V just fine for memory now. ( I was under the impression it was volts greater than 3 that the jumper locked!) Also I mentioned this above but I sometimes get different 3Dmark 05 scores for the same settings. Meaning I can run it the first time and get for example a score of 7500 and run it again as soon as the test finnishes to get 7450? Is this normal???
  11. OK! After a pretty sleepless night (not really I ended up sleeping till 3:00pm) I reachde prime95 stability (5hrs not 8) with the following settings: 2.8GHZ OC at 1.425 X11% = 1.567V HTT at 255Mhz Mobo at LDT ratio 4x Memory at 5/6 divider = 212Mhz 3-4-4-8 2T at 2.8V EVGA 7800GT CO 470/1100 at 499/1160Mhz 45C idle 65C load Now for the questions... At the current HTT of 255 I can't select 9/10 divider to get RAM speed to 230MHZ. CHoosing the 9/10 divider sets speed at 215Mhz. I don't know how that is possible unless I am missing something... My memory would do a max of 260MHZ. So I am thinkning half of that at 230MHz or so should be ideal in my setup but can't get it there. Choosing voltage higher than 2.8V causes my system to not post. On that note, is there a way to revert to older Bios settings without having to reset the CMOS jumper and taking apart my case and HDD cage! My 3D mark 05 score is at 7601 with current settings? For people who are getting 8000+ scores with similar setups, please tell me where I am at fault. Also one last thing. My PWMIC temps peaked at almost 58C while running prime. Now my room was bit hot last night... but what temps should I hit before I should considering killing the tests? I know under 60C is considered ok....
  12. Hopefully I will have a computer in the morning to post my progress ! :cool:
  13. more and more I am leaning towards that conclusion my self. From what I understand through the guides so far the max of my RAM isn't neccesarily the speed it which it will run at when everything else is turned up aswell. I did 270Mhz just fine on its own. So I guess running at a 245MHZ 9/10 divider is what I should aim for. After reading Angry's sticky on the subject like it was suggested I have decided to fine tune my settings. I am not sure how I can improve my scores further at 3Dmark. I haven't really atempted to OC my 7800GT... cause I figured 470MHZ was pretty decent as it is. As there much benifit to be gained from taking it up to 500mHZ. What of this corruption of the windows install? Have many other people faced similar issues?
  14. Would be possible for you to post what settings you were using for your OC? Also what was your 3Dmark score at stock speeds....
  15. I didn't get a chance to run it for 8hrs straight. Will most likely atempt that tonite. I use my computer so much that it takes a lot of patience on my behalf to let it run for such long periods without using it. The extreme geeky part is that sometimes I am just reading a book while keeping an eye out for my temps and visible instability like flickers lolz! Also I am reluctant to leave my computer running under high stress without monitering it.(I know temps under 10-20mins of load usually are consistent from that point onwards) I will unplug my primary HDD and put it in a different room so that I don't have to install windows the 5th time this week:) Before I do that. I would like to hear some suggestions on fine tunning my current configuration to save me 8-10 hrs of trials. My LDT is at 4X by the way. At the moment I am looking through the OC database to find what no.'s people are getting with systems similar to mine. I gained about 170points in 3Dmark which is good considering some people are getting lower results from stock after OCing On a side note. Is there any harm in trying high voltages like 3.0V and above for memory. Any time I have run my memo above 270mhz I get a tone of errors withing 10 mins of memtest85+. Can anyone recommend mem settings for the Gskill kit I have that would allow me to close the gap on my divider and bring it closer to 1/1 or even 9/10.
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