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  1. I can't remember if I used Prime for these exact settings (I've been changing them over the past few days and doing different tests), but I'll probably let it run for atleast 16 hours while I'm away tomorrow. I did some tests with Super Pi, and it's been on all day - no crashes so far.
  2. I really wasn't planning on overclocking this system, but I was curious to see how far I could get. My processor's at 2.75GHz with 1.43v (1.39v is being displayed in CPU-Z and SpeedFan for some reason). It's about 38C idle and 47C at load. I have my memory on a 9/10 divider running at 211MHz (DDR 400 stock) and it's at the stock timings of 2.5-3-3-7. I don't really think I can do much with these sticks, so I didn't try puching them. My 7800GT is overclocked to 495MHz / 1.15GHz (I used the "Detect Optimal Frequencies" feature in Coolbits and lowered them a bit). I can't really tell what the tempature is while gaming, but it idles at 42C. Is there anything else I can do? How are these tempatures? It's important to note that the cooling is all stock, and I have my 120mm case fan speed set to low. I might upgrade in the future, but I'm cheap.
  3. B. W.

    DVD burner problem

    Tried that. Nothing so far. I'm about ready to buy a new drive. This thing is basically making my computer unusable unless there is a CD in there, or the thing is ejected. This makes two bad components in my first build. My luck sucks. Period.
  4. B. W.

    DVD burner problem

    That's right, but I'm currently using the second IDE channel. The jumpers are set correctly too, so that rules that out.
  5. B. W.

    DVD burner problem

    I just built my new system a few days ago, and everything seems to be fine, except for one problem. I have an NEC ND-3550A DVD burner, and the LED is always on, except for when a disk is in the drive, or the drive is ejected. The problem is that the drive is contantly searching for media. I had to take it out of the boot priority in order to get Windows to boot (it was always stuck on the "Boot from CD" promt), and Windows slows down (and the CD curser appears) unless there is a disk inserted, or the burner is ejected. I already tried checking the IDE and molex cables, and tried to change the IDE chanel / cable. Nothing worked so far. The firmware is also up to date Any ideas?
  6. I ordered a DFI Ultra-D mobo and a dual pack of PQI "PQI3200-1024DAH" memory, and I thought it used Samsung TCCD, but I could be wrong (since the DBU model is listed in the TCCD thread, and I don't know if it could be a newer pair). My question is if it doesn't will I even be able to use it with my board? I don't really care about overclocking the memory (atleast until I can afford better stuff). Thanks.