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  1. Ok.. so that adapter I have to connect to a 4 pin cable and then I can attach my DVD-writer to it as well for example? So basically I need two of those and im done (if I want to add 2 aditional 120mm fans)
  2. How do I know what is the max I can draw from the board? I want to connect an 80mm and a 120mm fan with the Y-connector I showed earlier.
  3. Alright.. There are 2 connectors that run full speed al the time. I have 4 fans. wouldn't this be an outcome? http://www.ikbenstil.nl/product_info.php?c...products_id=132 thanks
  4. Hi, I had 2 questions. 1) On how much voltage do the Fan-connectors on the DFI board work? (5 or 12 volt?) 2) Is it possible to let the fans connected to them run at full speed even if the temperature is below 25 degrees? Thank you.
  5. Tried that but it didnt work. Does someone have an idea whats messing with my internet connection in online games? My SLI setup doesnt get too hot (47 and 45 after being stressed in a game) and neither does my CPU (40-45 degress stressed, im running Aircooled at the moment)
  6. I think the updated chipset drivers didnt do the trick... the reboot I was required to do on the other hand did.
  7. Seems I got the lag back again after playing a while... Rebooting might help it away.. but if thats the case whats causing it?
  8. Very strange... if someone got an explanation?
  9. installed the 6.85 drivers and it seems its gone now... Will something be wrecked now I installed those drivers?
  10. Thank you for your reply, No nVidia Firewall is active on my system. I have used both LAN connections but I do not see any improvement. The version of my Chipset is 6.70 (the latest according to Nvidia.com)
  11. Hi, My PC is stable but when I play online games I have alot of lag. I've checked multiple servers but I have a ping of 30 and ~98 FPS. I've heard the NF4 Expert someitmes had issues concerning online gaming? Does someone know what I can do? Thanks
  12. Well, it appears my board will not handle the TCCD's. I've requested RMA already... but I've heard the Expert board doesnt like TCCD's in general (meaning you need a sh*tload of luck to even get to DDR600) The expert board can go up to 4 volt DRAM so the booster will not be nececarry... What does someone else suggest?
  13. I have the OCZ PC4800 Platinum Elite Edition (TCCD Chips) and the OCZ PC4000 VX Gold (CH-5 chips) What do you recommend me for running on my NF4 Expert board? I've tried to let my TCCD ram work for 3 weeks now but no luck. My board revision is "AA0" which might be a revision that doesnt work with TCCD well. My system will run an FSB of ~340 MHz or more. What do you recommend, the TCCD or the CH-5?
  14. Indeed, try a cheap PCI card. You can get one for 40 bux or something If im right or maybe friend can help out. Use it to do the same stress tests.
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