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  1. Anyone tried the 5.12 driver yet? I just downloaded it and created the SATA driver floppy, will try XP 64 install tomorrow and report results.
  2. WTF? When I went there yesterday it was showing 5.8 as the newest x64 driver. Thanks for the links Edit: nevermind, it was simply mis-labelled on the site. I looked at the file I downloaded and it's the same one.
  3. The newest x64 compatible driver listed on ATI's site is the 5.8
  4. I'm sure this has been asked before but my search (terms: 64, driver) turned up nothing relevant as to where to get the drivers from. I've been given this board by a friend who neglected to give me any of the accompanying accessories such as the driver disk and manual. I found a bios flash for the board but have been unable to find any xp 64 drivers other than the sil3114 controller (which I'd rather not use, in favor of the integrated sb450 raid). Help would be much appreciated. I've already checked dfi's site and googled for them but to no avail.
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