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  1. exactly and from square one. sata non raid. Does it have to be done at the install of windows?
  2. maximus formula works great. i noticed every seller was selling out of them. i think that q6700 will cost more than $220.
  3. I just did a clean install. Had to explain to Microsoft what I was doing. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.
  4. have new rig ( intell ). want to swap os from old rig ( amd ) or just swap hard drive and do repair? os is xp home. possible or what? new rig: asus maximus q6600 2gig ballistix thermaltake 850 ati 3870 80 gig hitachi
  5. current MB for opterons 180 or 185
  6. I could be wrong but I think that x38 chip is for multi media.
  7. the only problem I had installing my vid card was after uninstalling drivers for previous card I installed new card and drivers and I guess the system couldn't find the driver (or refernce to it) for the monitor. It seemed to me that uninstalling the previous driver took the monitor driver (or reference to it) also.
  8. I think there is a place in bios where you can enable reconfigure. I don't know if it's absolutely necessary.
  9. I performed the same operation and it just worked.
  10. also what's the other power connector for that vid card? mine is a peripheral power plug. i really wasn't too sure about that. I'm not sure how that connection gets clean power to the card unless it doesn't need much.
  11. also what about voltage settings. all that ram could be quite a laod on power to it.
  12. may work better with two 1 gig sticks. increase agp window in bios? memory controller? need somebody who knows more.
  13. Also if anything is disabled in bios it must be enabled to operate, load software for it, or whatever.
  14. I've been fiddling with this board a long time getting it to work right. I'm not sure but I can give some suggestions and you can see if they work for you. Install hdds on primary ide Install burner on secondary as master, rom as slave. See what happens. It was my experience that windows expects them there.
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