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  1. So if everything runs fine, what would these drivers actually do? More performance, better compatibility for opterons? Edit: Is this only relevant for dual core chips?
  2. Erasage

    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    @d-man try more vcore, but the temps are already getting pretty high, try up to 1,6V but I don´t recommend going over 50C. Just see what improvements you can achieve with 1,6V and then decide if its worth it. My chip is running 2,8ghz @ 1,43V @max 36C no IHS, but won´t do much more than that no matter what vcore.THis chip can probably do 3ghz but the htt is holding me back. see this thread for the problems that I have had maybe it helps you diagnose your problem. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...8427#post308427
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    cannot go past 230fsb

    More vcore!? Tell us a little more about your bios settings.
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    Ultra-D high fsb Problems

    [email protected] I have decided to get a better power supply one with a little more juice on the 12V rails. The one in my signature has 2*20A=40A on the 12V rail and 40A on the 5V this thing is great. it is native 24pin atx I hope I worded the problems as easy as possible to follow. I have some more info and another question though. FIRST: Regarding the old problem with the 3x ldt multi. In the mean time I have switched the mobo to one that did 340htt with a 3200+ winchester without any problems (its still an ultra-d) BUT the 3x ldt muli still is not working for me when going over 300htt, I am using 2x now which seems to give me the best results. Ironically the 3x ldt multi worked just fine with the winchester cpu setup befor. So with the new powersupply I can run my cpu @ 9*[email protected], this is 12hrs prime stable and stable through out 6 hrs of gaming. I can not get the cpu stable at anything above 315mhz even @ 1,6V. I find it really hard to say what the cause of the problem is right now. The mobo does 340htt so this should not be a big problem, the cpu is definitely not maxed out with just 1,45V and raising it to 1,6V does not stabilize things at higher htt clocks. Now I am thinking the problem ist the integrated memory controller of the cpu that is causing all the prpblems?! The memory itself is of course running even below spec so it should not be causing any popblems. Please help. SECOND: I have noticed another weird problem. I can run 9*315htt just fine as mentioned above. But when I turn the pc off for a while and then do a cold boot, I can not get into windows. I then lower the htt to 310, boot into windows and then restart the pc. set the htt back to 315 and all the sudden windows boots just fine and not one stability test fails :confused: . It is as if the pc needs a little time to warm up before wanting to boot windows with 315 htt. This can take up to 8 minutes, but then ( after the warming up or whatever) every restart works like a charm. Is this a known bug or Is the memory controller or whatever causing this behavior
  5. Erasage

    IHS removal question

    I only have the comparison of going from boxed cooler with IHS to no IHS with water With the standard boxed cooler I was able to do about 2450mhz-2500mhz @default volts. Now with my watercooling setup and no IHS, I am @2,7ghz @default, only reason why I can´t go further right now is that the fsb is limiting me. In general the sucess also depends on the waterblock beeing used. There are blocks that really excell on small DIEs, but are not good on large IHS like surfaces and then there are others that produce good results with the IHS and only see a small advantage without the IHS . My block is definitley the first, thats why I removed the IHS...
  6. Erasage

    i really need help, cant stabilize.

    definitly sounds like an unstable sytem, I had that same firefox error a couple of times on my old system, when the cpu was clocked too high. But the cause of your problems could be somewhere else, try the isolation method and see what each component can do by itself...
  7. Erasage

    i really need help, cant stabilize.

    Since you are air cooling, I think 1,7v is a bit too much for the cpu... What you might want to do is lower your fsb to maybe 250 and see if this stabilizes things, then go up slowly from there. You can also try a chipset voltage of 1,6 It is best to first isolate the parts of your system that could be causing instability and only test one at a time, then when you have found the max stable settings for say the ram, test what the cpu will do using a divider so the ram is taken out of the equation. Then you can start playing with how your parts will perform together as a system.
  8. Erasage

    Ultra-D high fsb Problems

    Ok I have tried the new PSU and the Problem has not changed. I will be doing some more testing, but so far I have not been able to notice any differences. Edit: Well I have returned the power supply and I was not able to see any difference. The only thing that I will try, is to set the ldt multi to auto and see what happens, some people here in the forum seem to do it, but I am not getting my hopes up, this is more of a last resort. Comments and suggestions welcome.
  9. Erasage

    Ultra-D high fsb Problems

    @Dave You are exactly right about the htt, but please read my first post! My 3x ldt multiplier only allows me to take my fsb up to a max. of about 285. Only with the 4x multi am I able to do 300mhz., and thats the only reason why I have been using it. About the Power supply. A friend of mine has a 600W coolergiant from Enermax, I will try it today, if the Problem persists, I think we can savely rule out the Powersupply. I will update shortly @bigdog100 what bios settings would be of most interest, it is kind a hard to post ALL settings
  10. Erasage

    Ultra-D high fsb Problems

    @ Dave_Sz I have measured the 12v and 5V rails during full load testing with a mulimeter-> 11,78V and 5,02V and 3,34V, so the voltages are absolutely fine and the tolerarance from idle to load is minimal. As stated before, the system is completely stable even @ 1200htt. and the cpu running @2,7ghz quote: You shouldn't run your htt at 1200 when the board is rated at 1000, it'll just start to mess up sooner or later. I don´t think anybody here is running there system at stock speeds, thats why I bought a DFI board I am 99.9% sure that the Power supply is NOT the cause for the 3x ldt problem! Everything runs just fine @ 300 fsb and 4x ldt, but when I change to 3x ldt 290mhz is the max. This can surely not be caused by the power supply no matter what the offical recommendation is. And by the way in my manual it clearly says recommended power supply for a system with a Athlon 64 3800+ and 2*6800gt is 20A on the 12V rail and a rating of 400W+, since I only have 1 Videocard, I should be just fine. I have tried bioses 510-2fix and the new 704-2bta, but no luck here either. Any other suggestions?
  11. Erasage

    Ultra-D high fsb Problems

    @loc.o thanks for the help, but still no luck with the 3x ldt was not able to boot, then set it back to 4x and back to windows with full stability. more suggestions welcome.
  12. Hi I´m new here in this Forum, but when it comes to DFI products this seems to be the place to ask questions ;-) I have a 144 Opteron its a 0542 EPMW CAB2E, it seems to be a pretty good chip and I can do 2,7ghz at default so far, but I hope you guys can help me attain more. My Problem is that I am somewhat stuck at a fsb of 300mhz. Here is what I have experienced so far after a lot of testing. with bios 702 and 623-3 LDT at 3x gives me max. htt 280-285 stable ldt 2,5x gives me max htt 290-295 stable now I tried 4x an can ironically reach 300-305htt stable, but I had to up the ldt voltage to 1,4V since the htt is now runnig at 1200mhz which is stable. why is it that i can do a higher stable fsb with a 4x ldt multiplier rather than with the 3x. Is this a bios bug or is this due to some other settings? The voltages I have right noch are 1,4V ldt, 1,6V chipset, setting it to 1,7V does not seem to help, cpu is at default volt and whenever I do high fsb testing I lower the multi so the cpu is not the limiting factor. Ram is also always runnig below spec so this should also not be a problem. Please help, I believe I need at least fsb of 320+ to max this cpu out.