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  1. Bit of a newbie question here: I've got a thermal sensor on the CPU, the video card and inside the case, with one more spare. Any ideas where to stick it? I was thinking either the M/B or the HDD, but in each case I'm not sure exactly where to place it for the best readings.
  2. Cheers for the replies - my room's not that hot, it's winter in NZ so is bout 19 deg C in here. I'll get some rounded IDE cables and see if that increases the air flow. One of the main reasons I got this case is the front air vent and I'll be craped if I don't use it!!!
  3. I recently bought a 3R System Audi XP case and put in 2 Sunon 80mm 5500rpm fans - one rear outake the other front intake. I've got the front one hooked up to a rheobus but find that turning it up from 7V to 12V actually raises my CPU & GPU temps up 2-3 degrees C (the rear fan is stuck on 12V until I get an extension cable). Looking at the front of the case with the plastic panel on, there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for the fan to suck in air - so it seems that in my case a more negative pressure produces a lower case temperature. Any comments/solutions?
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