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  1. Messaged you regarding the OCZ PSU to London? Still selling?
  2. Well Memtest does run and without errors, until it freezes as in the same scenerio whether if the PC is idle or working away. I think it would be normally a PSU/memory issue but it turns out not. I have removed the CMOS battery since last night. Fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks for the post. I have run the setup at stock and it is still the same. Memtest freezes, as with the rest of the system at stock speeds if left idle. Board is out of the case and by the open window, and heat is not a problem. Default optimised settings used as well. I have also swapped out processor, memory and PSU to no success. WIll try the 'disaster recovery step'. Keep the comments coming!
  4. Or else it gets stuck at 4 LEDs. Tried all components on another identical board and everything is fine. Is it a good idea to flash the bios? Or it is RMA time? This board had just com eback from RMA 3 weeks agian and is acting up. Thanks!
  5. If you do not overclock your 165 then I think it is safe to set it at the highest temperature and you will have a very peaceful rig. EIther that a fan controller or a adapter will help. If I am not worng there are motherboard fan headers that do not react ot the temperature sensors.
  6. FYI there are no IDE Raptor drives. The Raptors are fast drives..enjoy your catch!
  7. I found the build guide. I will try th CMOS for 36 hours. Meanwhile anyone?
  8. MX-1 cures to be a soild comopound after a few days and claims to be more lasting then AS5 in terms of longevity. Also it has its advantage in being non-coductive. I doubt there wil be much temperature difference. I have used MX-1 that came with my Arctic Freezer HSF and reapplied AS5, and the results were identical. Think those cheap white stuff are the TIM to avoid.
  9. What do you mean by 'build guide'? Well the board was 'working fine' from the previous owner. It is out of the case and the EZ switch is used. CMOS is cleared and all jumpers are set back to default. I tested the board just on a piece of bubble wrap on a timber table. One more thing I wish to highlight is that the board came with the jumpers set to 3.2-4V and it failed to boot. Then I switched it down to the default setting. Wonder if it might be related?
  10. I am testing out a SLI-D board. The no boot symptons are: 1. RAM LED not on when there is power plugged in. Bottom LED is on. 2. When i power on the 4 diagnostic red lights flashes and then the RAM LED switches on - and is really bright. There seem to be a short somewhere but I am no expert on this issue. I tried a Sliverstone 600W Strider and a FSP Epsilon 600W, both comfirmed working with no known issues. Also I tried 6 different RAM modules in all the slots. RAM/USB voltage jumpers are on default. I have heard issues with Seasonic PSUs which activates the power safety toggle for the USB. Is this a related issue even though I am not using a Seasonic PSU? Please advice, anything, anyone. Cheers.
  11. FSP Epsilon 600W at £85 from Scan after VAT/before delivery. Now thats value over £17 more for the Seasonic 800W which I see not difference. In fact I will trust FSP's products more after all the issues with the Seasonics. A OCZ 600W is £40-£50 more... and thats a big difference to me.
  12. Your NB should not overheat as the NB heatsink will spin up to cool it down through bios settings. Nvidia certified PSUs are not certified for overclocking. Its a different circuitry on the board altogether in regards to the PSU's power draw for overclocking and to the VGAs. They are certified as they can address the requirements of the 2 PCI-e connectors. I doubt they can even test it on a 3000+ running 2 monster VGA cards? Anyone knows the exact Nvidia test specs? Please correct my view if I am wrong. Most decent PSUs 450W and above will be able to run dual monster VGAs though they are not certified. You need to pay to get the certification and many companies are not willing to do that. Moreover Nvidia has stringent policies about certified PSUs and many manufactureres rather not comply, build a top notch PSU their own way, then to get it certified through a long process. Its like casings and processor heatsinks. Most of these best stuff are not certified by Intel or AMD as well. As Angry has said experience are the truths, much more reliable then 2 hour reviews or whatever they say to sell you the PSU. Ever wonder why some 600W PSU costs a quarter of the price of a proper one? For many here there are namely few PSUs they depend on -PCP&C, Zippy, OCZ, Seasonic, FSP to name but a few.
  13. Hello A little off topic but your board can easily run 263 fsb x 10. What speed do u get at 10x max? Have you tried ot run the chip at 1.4V as toledo do not like too much voltage from what I observed. Maybe you can get 263 fsb on that stable.
  14. Hey guys, think my TD1 Ballis*it is rotting again. It falls from 270FSB to 260 max now at exact specs. It is too unstable to run and out of the box now. I think I will RMA them again and sell them straightaway. The time spent to run and understand them has been too much and thats it. This weekend will be my final trial with them and a very personal letter to Crucial.
  15. Had to run mine at 2.8V for the TD1. Under 2.8V and it will have reboots.
  16. I got my TD1s up and running so far so good. They are doing 270HTT 3-3-3-8-1T at 2.8V. I will try to lower the voltage. They run far cooler then the previous junk. BTW they run pretty well at lower voltage?
  17. I see. I will try it out tonight. What do you guys recommend to test it? Superpi? memtest? What speeds should I test it at? Being not very experienced in o/c memory, I do not know if my board is unstable with these RAM or is it that that it is workign fine but not suitable. Any guidlines or advice wil be great! Thanks.
  18. Hi can someone tell me have I got a good batch back form RMA? BL 12864Z503. 16TD1 CL11168.XN 63240 Thanks guys.
  19. Sorry to rake this up but the NB and the VGA chipset have the same mounts?
  20. Sorry to rake this up but the NB and the VGA chipset have the same mounts?
  21. Sorry to rake this up but the NB and the VGA chipset have the same mounts?
  22. Hi I think my upper PCI-ex slot is flawed. I am using the lower slot now, and performance seems ot have went down. How should I switch the jumpers? The jumpers how are like these on both rows: ===== ===== ===== <--jumpers ===== ===== ===== +++++ +++++ +++++ <- pins Should I move both rows of jumpers to be like this to get 8x on the lower slot?: +++++ +++++ +++++ ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== Thanks!
  23. I am talking about the chip (under the heatsink), thinks it is a VRM for the memory. I am still racking my brains how to attach a fan on. Probably on the casing rather then the board?
  24. I am referring to the one on the top right side corner. I run my memory at 2.9v and they are too hot to touch! Well although the adjustments and heatsink are there designed and provided by DFI legitimately, I know this type of heat is asking for trouble. Anyone have done some innovative cooling on these? Or run high voltages and think its ok? I urge those who run more then 2.8V to feel these heatsinks, and think about cooling them.
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