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  1. alright thanks yea i overclocked with an amd athlon xp mobile on a via kt600, and this seems to be completely different.
  2. ah thank you so I take it it wont anything to leave it at 50% then?
  3. okay i grabbed the monitor.... but I am not understanding the Thermal Throttling description can anyone rephrase what DFI has said about it? since i can't copy and paste what they had said, here's the link to the manual: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Manual/lputnf4%20847505101.pdf its on page 90 thanks
  4. but do you have the sli adapter plugged in?
  5. your SLI system is only seeing one of your videocards, is that the problem? do you have the SLI card attached to the cards? and do you have the jumper set to SLI mode?
  6. thank you and is there anything that explains the options that aren't memory related?
  7. Is there a site that explains, in detail, each and every option in the BIOS for the LanParty NF4 Ultra-D? I knew going into this purchase there would be a lot of options, but didn't think there would be no explanations of the options in the BIOS. main one i am worried about: thermal throttling? Default it was set at 50% and I thought "uh, not going to touch that". Is it good or bad to turn it off, etc etc. And Motherboard monitor said DRAM was at 2.8v, yet my memory is supposed to be at 2.6v. Is the reading wrong? If figured it would be on an auto-setting and would determine the proper voltage. any help would be awesome
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