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  1. Well, it's not first computer I have built, I've built alot of computers in my life. this motherboard is first that has those additional power plugs (xcept the 4-pin one) so tell me that you go on the forums everytime you buy new mobo just to see how to install it. Besides it worked perfectly on 400W Antec PSU before without those plugs. The problems started with SATA and SLI. SLI comes out to be an EVGA problem (..ty vga's). I'm not a noob, but im not a geek either. I just don't spend hours, online and read stuff about hardware. My computer is a tool for me, and I simply don't have time for that. So no reason to be sarcastic. I'm here to share my experiences, and more posts like this the more chance, that some ppl will find, read it, and save some time and trouble.
  2. Hi, I had some problems recently with setting up my SATA2 Raid0 on my motherboard with 2 seagates 320gb with 16mb buffer. I figured it out and, the reason for all my problems was pretty silly. So I thought I share my experience in case anybody had same problems. After setting everything up in BIOS and Raid configuration tool. I used the disk provided with the motherboard. Installed Win XP, pretty smoothly. After installation, my computer was not stable, it freezed often, and the programs run from the Nvidia Raid array, took forever to load in comparison to my old Maxtor 120GB 8mb buffer. Well i tried diferent things, drivers, i even updated the BIOS. But the funniest thing was that once i opened the computer, to look if everything is connected right, i noticed one power socket on the MOBO a molex right above the chipset, I thought lack of power could cause that. And i was right, after connecting that extra power molex, everything jumped to life, and my array runs at 129MB/s now 209MB/s top on HDTach... I hope my silly adventure was helpful to anyone. I never connected that socket before, and everything was running good, so i thought its not neccessary to connect it, but it seems that nForce needs that extra power for calculating and dividing data blocks in raid array with 3gb/s speed ;P
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