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  1. Hi I've just purchased the HD3870 X2 and now looking for a new case. I've found a couple on the net but can't get enough info on them about this card. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info. Used the link and downloaded 2 Utills. Couldn't match the partition in example as the drives where already partitioned at 32Gb, so no comparison can be made with ATTO. I've attached a print screen of my benchmarks Any comments would be welcome as they don't look right to me. To be quite honest I don't know what to expect. Cheers
  3. Hi, I've recently upgraded from the onboard ULi raid to a 3Ware 9650SE and increased from two spinpoint p120 to four on a Riad 0 setup. Everything installed with no problems first time but as soon as I started to install and run programs the speed of the computer seems to be a lot slower. I used the option of setting a boot unit for the OS and set this at 32Gb (a bit large I know) and the rest into 4 partitions. Are there any test comparisons or expected speeds I can use as a guide? and which are the correct utilities for the job?
  4. Thanks Guys Yep. you've convinced me, I'm going for a card. Blow the expense, its over the top but I've decided on the 3ware 9650SE. I'll definitely install a third backup drive as Green-Man suggests. Those SpinPoints are good but better to be safe. Thanks for the advice, I'll post when everything is up and running.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll look for the thread you mentioned but sounds promising. Any thoughts on upping my Raid 0 to 4 spinpoints. I've read that there are diminishing returns the more drives you add, i'd rather use them on another computer if the benefits aren't worth the cost. I'd just like a second opinion. Cheers
  6. Hi I have the CFX3200-DR, it is currently raid 0 with two drives. Now I've been browsing the net about Raid and have kept coming across this 'Real Raid card' statement - as opposed to software raid I presume. So, is a raid card like the Intel SRCSAS144E SAS/SATA Raid Controller more stable or faster than the ULi inbuilt Raid on my card? could anybody shed a light on the subject?
  7. Hi I've just setup my first RAID configuration and Fresh XP installation. I had exactly the same Warning. Disabling the Onboard LAN 1 and 2 didn't remove the warning, but setting the Sil 3114 setting to none (on the same bios page) did. Give it a go.
  8. Hi I've followed all your advice and instructions and all seems well, thanks. Just a couple of things I'd like to explain. 1. After setting RAID 0 (64k stripe) The computer rebooted and detected my drives, then continued to install Windows. However, I noticed that a Warning flashed up underneath the RAID info. Saying something like: Warning. ROM can not be invoked (Vendor.....). Some numbers where the dots are. I can't be sure exactly what it says as its only on screen for a sec. 2. After windows installed I loaded the ULi Intergrated chipset 2.20. Nothing much happen, just a small program in the taskbar where you can create, delete and manage RAID setups. It say the stability of the RAID is GOOD. Was this the correct program I installed? Thats it really, I haven't been able to test if the system is stable. i.e. Drive stutters etc. But Windows installed and boots ok with no problems. I'll be installing everything else during the week. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the info. I've downloaded the files you mentioned in advance. I'm intending on installing the SATA drives over the weekend. Hope I don't get any of the problems you mentioned. ONE MORE QUESTION: My existing drive has 4 partitions. Do I reformat this drive and make it a single partition again. Then reinstall XP Cheers
  10. Hi I have just purchased my second HDD and wish to setup a raid connection. I now have two Samsung Spinpoint P120 250gb SATAII drives. One is already being used as my master drive, its on SATA socket 1. Since I've never setup a raid connection before, I'd like some help from you guys. I want to use the Uli driver and know the HDD's need to go onto the first 1-4 sata sockets. I've also looked in the CFX3200-DR manual and would like to know why most users on these forums aren't using RAID 5. It's seems the most sensible option, but all I see on the forums are 1 and 0 setups? Regarding the drives though. Do I need to reformat my existing drive or can I copy the partitions onto the new drive. Is this how RAID connections needs to be setup? Excuse my ignorance Many thanks in advance
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