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  1. Just thought i'd add, it's Memtest and Prime stable. No errors
  2. Well after formating my second drive, the computer has been booting up fine for around a week now. But last night while serfing one of the hard drives started accessing alot. Them it locked the computer, so i rebooted and low and behold i had problems again getting into windows. I looked at the screen while booting and sometime one of the drives wasn't listed. But it was random which one it was. I managed to boot into windows and checked the Event Viewer and there are a ton of errors in there. So i have enabled the Silicon Image controller and installed the drivers and am now booting with that Sata controller. It sound like to me that the Nvidia Sata on the motherboard is some how corrupt. I've tried several Sata cables but it make no difference so i don't think that is the problem. Anyone have any other ideas before i RMA the motherboard
  3. Thanks guys i'm running the CHKDSK /R at the moment. I've downloaded the right version this time of Data life tools and i'll run that next
  4. Yes that's true but i always backup my data so it's on Dvd rom. The strange thing is i have just formated the drive with Western Digitals Data Life Tools and now i can boot into windows with the second drive installed. Does anyone know of a program i can use to check out the drive to make sure all the sectors are OK
  5. Hi guys i need a little help. I was running 2 WD200GB Sata2 drives in Raid0, i started to have problems with corrupt software and boot ups. So what i did was nuke the Raid and install Windows on one drive and that boots fine, no problems there. I can also plug that drive into any of the NV Sata connectors and it's fine. My problems come in when i try to connect the second drive. The computer won't boot up it just hangs at the Windows XP screen. I have tryed different Sata cables, with no luck. If i unplug the drive it will boot up into windows again. Now i could with a bit of luck sometimes get it to boot with the second drive installed. I have allmy backup Dvds on the second drive, but if i try to burn them to disk it just locks the PC. Now to me it sounds as if my second drive it knackered. But if someone else has a better idea a little help would be appreciated. Luckally it is still under warranty.
  6. Some like it and some don't because of the chance if one drive goes down you loose all your data. I use it and like it, but you'd loose 35GB and that isn't good. If you really want to run Raid just buy another 35 or 74GB Raptor and then set it up.
  7. Did you enable the Silicon Image controller in the bios, it's seperate fron the Nvidia Sata. Plus you'll also need to run the Silicon Image drivers in Windows.
  8. No it doesn't and you will only loose 35GB if you Raid with those drives. Those disks are fast enough you don't really need Raid.
  9. You can still use the 11/02 bios it just won't list it as an FX60, but it will work fine
  10. Is your system overclocked, or running at standard settings
  11. Ok have you tried a different Hard Drive that maybe the problem, seeing as you where having troubles with your previous motherboard
  12. Is the PSU a new one or have you used it before, because that also can cause rebooting if not powerfull enough or if it has a fault.Although it is over 500 watts and setup for SLI and Crossfire.Maybe try upping the voltage to your ram a little, that also can work
  13. Have you tried setting the Overclock to standard settings, i have been reading about some of the 7900s not being able to run at there factory overclocks.
  14. I had the same problem myself, for me it turned out 2.6 volts for the memory(that is the DFI standard setting) wasn't enough.I bumped it up to 2.74 and after that no problems with the Windows install
  15. It does support the FX60 but just reports it as an unknown chip when booting up.It will run fine though.
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