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  1. I am swapping an old mobo with a ECS 865pe-a7 and a new processor I have built it without a problem and I've been racking my brain about what the problem could possibly be. I've checked all wiring for problems I've consulted the manual(no help-typical) I've swapped memory I've swapped cables. I;ve tried different wire configurations I've swapped GPU's Ive even tried different monitors After all of this, no success, I have no clue why the monitor is not recieving a signal I have a hunch that it might be a bad mobo or gfx card but at this point who knows. Any help would be appreciated. btw I was using kingston value ram and have tried using OCZ titanium with no result. thanks
  2. Its definitely your drivers, I had the same prob untill I updated drivers on the net
  3. Whenever I go to refresh my server list it only sees 600-800 servers and obviously there are many more servers than that,however I have tried to open source and steam ports as needed but it still does it, btw i have a lynksys router and a friend of mine has the same router and OS but doesnt have the same problem Any solutions or thoughts would help, thanks
  4. I am deciding on buying a 2gb dual channel kit and I was wondering if I am able to use anything higher than PC 3200 on my motherboard. thanks
  5. the northbridge fan on my mobo is making a loud noise due to the ball bearings messing up,i am looking for a replacement that is the same size or smaller dimension due to the fact that my gpu is within 1-2 mm of the nb fan and i dont want to buy something that wont allow my card to fit; so if anyone has any ideas or solutions to what i could it would very much appreciated. thanks
  6. I am trying to install lord of the rings : Battle for middle earth 2 and as im installing it the computer restarts itself at 88 percent ,I am getting very annoyed by this does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  7. I am ordering 2 x 74gb western digital raptors with 2 x 1 gb OCZ platinum (PC3200) 2-3-2-5 memory sticks....... 1. What kind of performance increase should I expect/notice after I put these in? 2.Am I able to put the hardrives in without problems with mobo or OS? 3.What performance increase should I expect in Battlefield 2 specificly? Any clarification of the matter would be appreciated Thanks.
  8. I have set the voltage on my memory from 2.6 to 3.0 what performance increase should i expect(or not expect)?
  9. I have changed the voltage on my memory from 2.6 to 3 i have run memtest86 for 6 hours with no errors,......what have I done?
  10. You need to pray to jesus more,and buy a new comp nigga!
  11. I have checked my bios version and its 6.0 does anyone know which bios i update to for the nf4 ultra-d? I have the cd but i dont know what to select. thanks for the help
  12. Can anyone point me in the right Direction to the exact bios version I update to(nf4 Ultra-D)
  13. I have been wondering on whether or not it would matter if I update my bios from stock,and if so can anyone post a link to download the update? Thanks
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