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  1. My new DFI LP UT NF4 Ultra-D board arrives tomorrow, and I have 2GB (2x1GB) of Mushkin XP4000 Redline (3-3-2-8) waiting for it. I chose the Mushkin because I wanted 2GB of DDR500 with fairly tight timings for a ~250 fsb oc, and Mushkin says on their web site that they test the memory on this motherboard. Also, Newegg has nothing comparable (2x1GB DDR500) with better timings. But then I read the FAQs and guides here, and this memory is not in the recommended list. I know I shoulda come here first, but it's too late for that. Will this Mushkin memory do what I want, or should I go ahead and get something else to avoid wasting my time? My goal here is a mild overclock of my 4400+ X2, looking for around 2.5 GHz (~250x10) and around 6.5-7 GB/sec memory read (Everest). Other pertinent hardware is: Antec 550w TP 2.0, XFX 7800 GTX, SB X-Fi. I edited my sig in advance, in case there's any confusion (I'm presently on an Abit KN8 Ultra board which I don't like). I already went down the 4x512MB road with some OCZ GE GX DDR433 2-2-2-5, and I don't have to tell you where that went. I chalk that up to ignorance, but give me a break--I'm 40 . Thanks in advance...
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    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    What I did was use the instructions in this thread for getting GPU-related info from RivaTuner into MBM5, then I downloaded MBM2G15 . MBM2G15.exe is a standalone executable needing no installation. Just put it wherever you want it to reside permanently. Run it, and it installs itself into the G15 module list. Then right-click on the top of its window and select "About MBM2G15...". From there you can look at the supported Tags, the FAQ, and other information. It can show any sensor reading in MBM5, and some other info from QCD, TeamSpeak, and MPC. Settings are stored in an INI file in the same directory as the executable, and if you'd like to start with mine: Screen1=cpu:#0T° #0F #C #0C% #1C%#N nbr:#2T° #1F sys:#1T° mem:#0M%#Ngpu:#31T° #27T #29T #28T amb:#30T° Screen2=#6Q Screen3= Screen4= Time=0 Memory=1 CpuLoad=1 MBM=1 TeamSpeak=0 QCD=1 MPC=0 SystrayIcon=0 Hidden=1 Inverted=0 UpdateTime=1000 SystrayIcon=1 will have it put an icon in the systray. Hidden=0 will make it start maximized. The rest of the settings are controlled from the UI. Pretty simple, really, and it uses no noticable CPU while running. Finally, here's the last page (as of today) of the developer's thread over on g15mods.com: http://www.g15mods.com/forum/viewtopic.php...er=asc&start=45
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    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    This thread has been a big help in getting the LCD on my Logitech G15 gaming keyboard to show all I wanted it to, so I thought I'd share the result: row 1: cpu temp, cpu fan rpm, core1 load, core2 load row 2: northbridge temp, northbridge fan rpm, system temp, mem use row 3: gpu temp, gpu fan rpm, gpu fan duty cycle, gpu clock, gpu ambient temp Too much information? Probably, but I like it . Didn't put the gpu mem clock on this screen because it never changes and there's not much room left. FYI, the other important hardware is: Athlon64 4400+ X2, Abit KN8 Ultra (my Intel box has a DFI Pro875B), 2GB CL2 DDR400, XFX 7800GTX, SB X-Fi Platinum. Thanks!