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  1. I cant even find stock In Australia - all Discontinued line.....
  2. yeah was thinking that - it ran fine and in dual mode Ok with old PSu for about 6 mths until I upgraded those parts... It wont be OC at all i dont think as its a second PC for basic stuff... There is also this one: http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mai...ail.php?UID=637 I can get that for about $60 AUD Think i might still go DFI.... :-)
  3. i am just worried about getting it with my legend RAM and Thermaltake 430W PSU - although as mentioned it worked fine in my current mobo....
  4. Thats what I am thinking also due to the fact I already have a PSU and RAM. but with saying that my current UT LP Sli did run fine with this RAm and PSU until I upgraded it all so it does work.... Its only a second PC so not really after upgrading the parts I have now as I am trying to just use them..... I think having a graphics card will kick on board any day of the week so on board not a real option :-)
  5. Hi guys, i am about to build a second PC for a hack about half server half PC for my son using some old parts I have kicking about. I have a 3200+ CPU and a 6600Gt Card with 2 x 512Mb Legend (generic) RAM and would like to put it in either one of these Mobo's. DFI Infinaty NF4 SLI or Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 Looking at the two which are about $ 15 different in price I am leaning toward the GB due to the DFI RAM compatibility issues? Although saying that these Legend were in my DFI board before it got upgraded to the OCZ and worked fine. What do you guys think? I really don't mind the DFI as I have never had any trouble with my current one.....
  6. Does this motherboard support SATA II? The specs read.... Four Serial ATA ports supported by the nForce4 chip - SATA speed up to 3Gb/s - RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 0+1 - NVIDIA RAID allows RAID arrays spanning across Serial ATA and Parallel ATA Four Serial ATA ports supported by the Silicon Image Sil 3114 chip - SATA speed up to 1.5Gb/s - RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1 and RAID 5 Just need help decyphering a yes or no Cheers
  7. Which is best to use? I see the DFI ones for my motherboard are dated 23/11/2005 but i have seen later nvidia drivers fior the NF4.... Which are better or is it best to stick with DFI version?
  8. Hi guys, Just wondering what else I would need to do other than clear CMOS to replace my current 3200+ Venice with a X2 4400? I am running the latest BIOS etc and was hoping I could just remove the old and in with the new and all will be fine? Anything else i should think of first?
  9. Mine boots Ok but I get memtest errors.... but 2.5 is really stable
  10. Well that was an interesting experience. I ended up having to re-load BIOS as well. For some reason memtest would run and get to test 3 and 4 and 6 and give errors either with one stick in or two. I did the procedure above before inserting the new RAM but errors all over. I eneded up flashing BIOS again and then clearnignCMOS etc and it seems to have done the trick. The one thing It says now tho is - timings wise I left Auto for most and I get 2.5-3-2-5 where OCZ advertise 2-3-2-5 - no big thing as at least its stable here. So guys yiou may want to add that stage to the procedure in future to if all else fails Anyways thanks for you help - I now have RAM talking to each other and gettin on like a happy family :nod: but why is this: On the sticks of RAM they have the model: OCZP4002GK but CPUZ show them as OCZP4001G - anyone know why this is?
  11. Ok got it and installed as per instructions above. The recommended timings are 2-3-2-5 which i set manally after clearing CMOS and loading optimised defaults. When I run memtest86 i get errors - windows does boot ok and CPUZ shows the timings as 2.5-3-2-5. What should i do to get stable in memtest? Set the timings to those shown in CPUZ? So far windows is up and no problems but I havent put the memory under load as yet. any ideas why memtest fails?
  12. Picked the stuff up today will install tonight and let you know....
  13. hehe sound like my mother! :shake: I will do - thanks for the advice you guys.....
  14. Both Slots of Ram in together is Ok? And the timings - just go off the recommended timings like on this RAM 2-2-2-5? Any voltage changes needed or will the board do this Auto?
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