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    Extra Psu Connections On Expert

    I believe it helps keep the 12v stable. I would just plug it in cause doing so wount hurt anything, but not doing so might be bad bad bad.
  2. Are you going 1:1 with your HZ or divider?
  3. Black-Falcon

    Extra Psu Connections On Expert

    It has to be there thats the specs, it would look exactly like a fan header, but it will have 4 pins. Also, what kind of readings on your voltages are you getting from your PSU?
  4. Black-Falcon

    DFI EXPERT Problem!!!!

    Okay look. If you truly read up on stuff, you SHOULD EXPECT to have to do atleast somthing. The expectation that 'OMG everything should work if I plug it into it' is just bull crap. I've been running my Expert for 3 weeks, and not a single BSOD, crash, or error. Was the first shipment of experts probably flaky? Hell yes. But if you would have waited for it to mature for the least bit, it probably would have been better. Like was said above, if you want everything to work flawlessly out of the box, get a .in dell.
  5. My 3200 is also 12-15 off from my last rig.
  6. Black-Falcon

    G.Skill 2GB DDR ZX PC3200

    Don't expect miracles overclocking with it though...
  7. Black-Falcon

    Ordering on Friday, Compatability?

    Don't be intimidated by the seemingly 'NoName' brand of G.Skill. I've personally got a set of HZ and I love them to death. I got mine up to about 280 stable on stock volts. Perfect compatibillity with the Expert, all you have to do is man. enter the timings (I'm not even sure about that because I just entered the timings right off the bat) **Just noticed that you have an Antec EPS12v, once you get your build done, would you mind posting or pm'ing me what your 12v is reading? Thanks.****
  8. Test it by trying to jump start it (Make sure you have a fan or somthing plugged in to it or somthing though). You can jump it by connecting pins 13 and 14 on the ATX connector. (It should be a green wire and a black) If it doesnt jump start then you have a bad system, then you go to bleedinedge.com's forums and talk to TonyOCZ or RyderOCZ and get an RMA started.
  9. Black-Falcon

    Powersupply for expert but with space contraints

    Whoops, I think that was the PS that I couldnt find any measurements on before I bought my parts...that will have to be next upgrade cycle I guess. So far my system is Prime Stable and all that jazz so thats getting off to a really wonderful start; atleast compared to some other people systems. I'm just glad that I have everyone here to help me with this crap...
  10. Hey guys, What would be the best powersupply for the Expert, that conforms to these measurements: 15cm(L) x 14 cm(W) x 8.6 cm(H) (As big as an Antec) I've currently got an Antec EPS12v in my system and its okay but I wanna see if there anre any other ones that I could put in here instead. (Only if there leaps and bounds better though)
  11. Black-Falcon

    First boot.

    Cool thanks alot. I cant wait to boot this baby up.
  12. Black-Falcon

    First boot.

    What should I do during (or after) my first boot? Should I clear the CMOS right away? Whats the recomended way to do that? Just wondering because I'm leaktesting my system right now. I've got about an hour and a half or so left until it'll be good to go. Also, I've got some G.Skill HZ UCCC, which DIMM's should I put it in? Orange or yellow? Thanks guys. Oh and please don't give me 'The search feature works wonders' stuff, because I did search, and there wasnt anything specific. Thanks alot for your replys.
  13. Black-Falcon

    Drive Strength for UCCC

    Hi guys, what Drive strength should I set for UCCC? In the guide it said that I should use evens with TCCD, and seeing as UCCC is also Samsung would that be a correct assumption to use evens? Also, what should I use for TREF (***The RAM i'm using is 2GB G.Skill PC4000 HZ UCCC***)
  14. Black-Falcon

    Expert: Should I upgrade my RAM now...