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  1. i said i'd post pics of them when i got home, so here ya go. first pic is of the three chips i still have, but one of these is sold to Neatton, therefore two are still up for grabs. some sales are pending atm. second is a pic of the tray of the chips in relation to my desk and rig which you can compare with the pics in my sig... if it makes ya'll feel any better
  2. the Opteron DC and X2 driver's are the same, they're the same version number, because they're basically the same chip. it is recommended to install both the driver and MS's hotfix. someone said "if it ain't broke don't fix it". while this is true, i had NO problems before, and NO problems after, but Benches and games have a little bit higher FPS. So it does help somewhat.
  3. good to see you fixed it. that sucks though. EAX 2.0 is kinda cool.
  4. i don't think that would cause a problem. case in point, ever since NF1, 2 and 3 boards we've been using ATI gfx cards on them. do you know if external power has to be plugged into that gfx card? also, try installing the latest CAT's for that card also, but use Driver Cleaner Pro to get rid of all traces of the previous driver.
  5. not necessarily. of course every sys is different. i bought my old 3200+ winnie from someone who could only get 2.5 out of it, but in my rig i got 2.6, so ya never know. however, it is a steal of a deal.
  6. 2.55 to 2.6 all you had to do was ask man.
  7. they were shipped in a tray, so they're not sealed, as if OEM's ever are anyway steppings, as listed above are 0543 MPMW.
  8. here's ebay feedback, not much. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...tem=-1&frm=1883
  9. that's exactly it! thanks for remembering. @Neatton. Nope, no heat. Edit: only 2 procs now, sold one to a pal on another forum.
  10. Edit: all sold. sorry, wish i had more thanks for everyone's interest guys.
  11. yeah, it's not the cheapest case around. i could've sworn i saw it for 250ish somewhere today... ah. here it is. http://www.case-mod.com/store/cooler-maste...831.html?src=fr
  12. no worries, born like that and doesn't bother me a bit. i got my 830 from ExcaliberPC DOT com. it's a newer place but their customer service was so good that i actually went to resellerratings and gave them a good review.. first time for everything i guess. Newegg, ZipZoomFly, and most other major etailers have it in stock now for near MSRP (250) i got mine for 300 though. Temps are actually a bit better than in that screenshot, i took that before i hooked up the crossflow fan. idle cpu=30 pwm=38 nf4=45 gfx=45 load cpu=46 pwm=47 nf4=50 gfx=75 (it's a hot one! thinking of getting the Silencer for it though)
  13. funny you say that, i'm actually deaf in one ear, so surround has absolutely no meaning to me. no matter where a sound comes from, it sounds like it's on the right.
  14. yes, it's very easy to remove, as is the front door actually. this case has been designed really well. it seems they listened to everyone's bitching about the first CM Stacker.
  15. forgot, last night i was playing with exaclty that! check my other thread out. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=38323
  16. Actually i think it got pulled from sites. Microsoft threatened a lawsuit because the skin was so accurate. i'll post it here when i get home for you. Thanks alot!! It's all just easier to read when it's correctly sepparated and labeled. I plan on getting another BFG sometime after my birthday (25th of this month), but i'm not anxious about the dual screen issues. basically if SLI is turned on, only one monitor will function, so you have to turn it back off when you quit a game. *sigh*, the single chan mem is because the second stick crapped out on me. it corrupted windows forcing me to reformat, also games would crash alot. i was troubleshooting forever, then i decided to run memtest... sure enough. so anyway the bad one got RMA'd to Mushkin. ha, you should see the table that's behind the camera... that's where all the . went!
  17. It's Vista Beta 2 or something like that, by Kol for WB5
  18. thanks. played around with FEAR too.
  19. was tinkering with nvidia cpl changing from Dualview to Span to see if i like it. fired up HL2 and this is what i got. ran smooth as silk too, even with max AF & AA @ Supersampling. Extremely difficult to play like that because of the monitor bezels. Edit: Here's a few from Lost Coast
  20. ...continued from last post after waiting for 30 seconds *yawn*. Here's the BFG 7800GTX 256MB and the Vantec Iceberq which replace the chipset fan that started rattling like mad yesterday after less than a month of owning it!! Oh yeah, I LOVE the top I/O and power switch area. Lastly, a shot of the desktop.
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