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  1. you can actually plug the 20 pin connector in the 24pin socket. as to whether it'll fix your problem? depends on your mom's computer's specs and how much power and current it needs.
  2. the nvidia network drivers are for the nvidia LAN chip and the audio drivers are for the onboard audio. if you use the Marvell LAN then you're set to go. i installed the storage driver. i've tried it with and without and have noticed no differences or problems. it's safe to not install it for sure so just do that. i've noticed that you can't run windows drive speed test (at least i can't) w/o the storage drivers installed, so that's why i put them on.
  3. i loved the FEAR engine, ran kinda crappy, but a spectacular show of tech. Doom3 engine while being new and cool and has neat lighting just seems off to me. there's just something about it that says "even though i'm awesome, i'm fake". FEAR is definitely a huge step up from Doom3 engine in terms of presentation and feel. the Source engine is the ultimate in looks, naturality™, and presentation. your eyes just accept it as beautiful and life-like.
  4. GJ!! i saw drops of about 3C when i took mine off. my OC went up to 2.7G from 2.65G, haven't tried past that though.
  5. i sent a PM to a buddy on a diff forum. he'll probably jump on it.
  6. i'm sure it won't be long if it hasn't happened yet. i thought i read someone got pretty close, like upper 8's or lower 9's EDIT: looks like 10K is gone. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=10834
  7. while i LIKE vsync becuase you don't get the tearing, what you say is exactly true. this is why i'll score upwards of 640fps on dragothic in 3dmark01se. with vsync on it's lower.
  8. that's opposite from what he said.
  9. registry? ... as in.. in windows? LMAO!! edit: whoo, finally stopped laughing. ok, you can toy with and try to change the logo on the BIOS as much as you wish. you're not going to harm the chip.
  10. i ordered mine right after they sent me the email oh glorious twinkling euphoria here we come!
  11. i love my CM Stacker 830 (pics in link in sig), but it may be a bit more than you wish to spend. Otherwise i made a build in a Stacker 810 for a buddy and it's great, about half the price of the 830.
  12. refresh rate has no bearing on perf whatsoever.
  13. your PSU will underpower your system. get a 480 or higher. make sure the 12V rail can supply upwards of 30Amps for your GT.
  14. 3d apps don't look worse on lcd's if you're not using native res. desktop looks like . if not on native, but games you can run at 800x600 and they look the same as 12x10 image-wise. sure there are more jaggies, but that's not the monitor, that's the res. some people don't understand this for some reason.
  15. seems like AMD doesn't want us buying Opty's http://theinquirer.net/?article=29095
  16. ok, that means two are up. Sent PM to Blackhorn cuz he was interested and sent email to another potential buyer. so we'll see how it goes. Neatton, your buddy was too quick!
  17. the 2.7 is staying right here in my box. price for reference is 375+shipping as stated in first post, One's sold and Two are pending payment tonight.
  18. @BlueSky, it's ok man, hope the best for you. i drove past Grass Valley today actually! @Blackhorn, there are two chips that have not been paid for yet, but a sale is pending on both of them. if something changes, i'll be sure to let you know. @Spammer, why the hell can we only have 30 freakin messages anyway? that's BS.
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