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  1. well i easily spend 2 grand a year on the comp upgrades, but i could spend 2 grand a quarter on the gf for dining/movies/..
  2. price is listed on page 9 of that forum. i couldn't find a manu. maybe homebrew? dunno.
  3. 990.00 CNY = 122.819 USD ouch! EDIT: go to babelfish http://babelfish.altavista.com/ then paste in the url of the forum to the URL text block then select Chinese-trad to English. that's the closest you'll come to understanding it.
  4. view the attached image, instead of using "dualview" set it to "horizontal span" for fear you have to edit the cfg file to show 2048x768 or whatever res you want to play on. hl2 should do it automatically, or set the aspect ratio to 16:9 rather than 4:3
  5. 830, you can see it in my sig.
  6. definitely the si120. better of the two bar-none.
  7. lol, i'll hang on to it for a bit longer
  8. i've been using dual display for about 4 years now. obviously i've had a single core chip for the better part of those years. firstly, while you're playing a game, you can't just go on the other monitor and scroll through webpages and the like, cuz Direct3D has control of the system. what you can do however, is open a webpage, then start a game. implications of this are that you can open a walkthrough on the web and scroll down to the section you're at, then open the game and play along. once you hit the end of the section, you'd have to 'Alt+Tab' to be able to use the desktop, effectively minimizing the game, then you can scroll down on the webpage and repeat. Secondly, playing an mp3 while playing a game is trivial and dual monitors isn't even necessary. Playing a movie however is choppy on single core. while the game is going it has top priority unless you Alt+tab and set the priority for WMP or whatever to high. but then your game will lack in speed. with dual core, a movie and the game can be played at the same time with no degredation in performance, BUT you have to remember to set the affinity for each core. if you don't then WMP will get split accross both cores mixing with the threads of the game, if you set the game to Core 0 and WMP to Core 1 then it'll be perfect. Conclusion: to do what you want with no problems or perf hits, splurge on the dual core. EDIT: the video card can handle it, the CPU dispersing the info to process is the problem.
  9. a bit better than mine. i didn't want to use any zip ties though, i change stuff out too frequently. i've got two opticals, one floppy and 3 HDD's in mine, so i have more cables naturally. check my sig for pics if you like.
  10. it MAY fit on the expert. i think there's enough clearence, but the top card will still be close.
  11. ok, here's the WB5 theme i'm using. i'm pretty sure you have to have version 5 for transparency to work. http://rapidshare.de/files/11770328/Aero_Style1.rar.html
  12. the desk is a $150 desk from Sams Club. i got it about 4 years ago and have no clue of the name of it. last time i was at Sams i looked around, but they don't stock this one anymore. i was thinking of getting a second and storing it until this one breaks. it's well made, but it's those put together, they never last that long ya know. @NeoStrom yeah, i found a great copy of the WB5 skin, i'll package it up and post it here tonight when i get home. sorry it took so long.
  13. thanks, that's the new CM Stacker 830. you can get it from Newegg or ZipZoomFly or any of the major etailers now. here's newegg's listing http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811119103
  14. my IHS is off, that drastically helped with temps, which is why i justified the somewhat high vcore.
  15. i would've figured you'd be able to get 2.8 with not too much voltage at all. stock volts is 1.35 right? like the opty's? why not try a different multi, sometimes that screws things up. mine likes 246x11 but not 270x10 for some reason. try 280x10, or 256x11.
  16. i had a vantec nexus fan controller but got rid of it cuz i wanted another fan in the front of it. it fit fine though. you can check the pics of my rig in my sig if you want.
  17. PLENTY of room behind the door of this thing.
  18. i'm at 1.58 (BIOS) on air. it's fine. Toledo=Denmark edit: you could probably do upwards of 1.7 on water.
  19. 60C is a low loaded temp for your gfx cards. my GTX loads at 70+C with not artifacts. it's probably your power supply, check the amperage rating for the 12V rail. does it have 2 rails or one? does it have a PCI-E power connector or are you using 4-pin molexes? if using molexes and the PSU is dual rail, you need to plug one molex from each rail into the Y-connector that should've come with the gfx card.
  20. you should be hitting 5K. i got 4750ish, GTX @ 473/1300
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