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  1. if you want to feel better about it, go to dev manager, then click on IDE ATA/ATAPI devices, then on SATA Controller. in there you'll see it listed as "Serial ATA Generation 1 1.5G" there's your 150.
  2. well it could be the voltage as well, but you said it was 100% stable at the lower voltage right? if so, it should be a problem during POST either. sometimes optical drives' firmware can act kooky, so either upgrade the firmware or junk it.
  3. go to this site and see how many Watts you need. be truthful and select 100% utilization. http://extreme.outervision.com/index.jsp
  4. that's probably due to the clock delta. believe what the cpl tells you, it's true. The best thing to do is to use ATITool/RivaTuner to find your max core and mem OC, then mod your original BIOS to reflect the new speeds. i've used nVidia BIOS Modifier with great success.
  5. they're selling a 3-key thingy for 100 bucks... hopefully the price/keys ratio changes when the keyboard comes out. i doubt someone would want to pay 3500 bucks for a full keyboard. this was just a proof of concept for the longest time, i'm glad they're actually putting this out on the market. i really love the idea of OLED's displaying what the current key's function is.
  6. the Ultra PSU's aren't that great, but that particular model's specs are well w/in range of adequate current being supplied to your board. if it's defective, that's a different story, but i don't think it is. i'd suggest going over all of your BIOS settings with a fine-toothed comb to be positive that you don't have something enabled/disabled that shouldn't be. Also, you may want to try disconnecting your two optical drives and boot, if it doesn't give you problems, then possibly a firmware issue.
  7. i used to play LoadRunner on my Tandy1000 for hours. great game all time favorite game is River City Ransom for NES. i still play it from time to time. Unreal was the first game that got me really into GFX cards. the difference was night and day. long live the Voodoo 3 2000.
  8. use at least the latest official from nvidia. NEVER use the ones from a manu. CD. i usually use moddified betas, but use officials while testing OC's.
  9. mine's running at a meager 473/1300, i haven't even tried to OC it, haven't needed to.
  10. compare the amperages supplied on the 12V rail(s). one rail at 36A or above is preferable, if not, 2 rails at 20A each or above is good.
  11. they should be taken care of with SP2 install. if not maybe go to dev manager and hit "update driver".
  12. i have the Z5500's and LOVE them. worth every single penny dumped into them.
  13. as stated above. with my 175, i'm at 2.7G @ 246x11, i'd have to do 270x10 with a 170 or 300x9 with a 165. now for me it doesn't matter either way cuz i'm a divider user, but if you had ram that could run at a max of 275, then being able to run 270x10 and keep your ram 1:1 is favorable.
  14. i'd suggest the 170. you'll soon learn how nice it is to have a 10x multi. i went through the same thing with my old 3000/3200+ winnie.
  15. my max was 8773 with my proc at 2.65GHz try turning "errata 123" to "disabled" in the BIOS, this helped my score by almost 100. with the gfx card at 473/1300. 8k is a little low. could very well be settings in the nvidia cpl or just time to reinstall drivers.
  16. i didn't have to mod anything with my 175 nekkid w/ big typhoon. i have read many places that using a "clip-on" HSF is a big no-no with no IHS.
  17. my Big Typhoon sits cozily on the 1cm^2 die. it almost feels like overkill but whatever. it ain't gonna hurt.
  18. well the main diff is the 165 is stock at 1.8GHz (9x multi) and the 170 is stock at 2.0GHz (10x multi)
  19. i lost a few C and gained a few MHz. i wouldn't say it's overrated... just that it's effects are minimal.
  20. you can get X2s with the same amt of L2 cache as the Optys, so that's a moot point. the differences are: better OC'ing in GENERAL for the Optys (YMMV of course). Official support for X2s, not for Optys Optys are locked, both cores are generally the same. when you OC, you'll most likely see one core being weaker than the other (ie, it'll fail first), but it doesn't matter which one runs what. My Opty ROCKS for gaming.
  21. the short length, extreme flexibility, and the fact that they're yellow to match are what makes them great. my old MSI sata cables are orange and long as hell, just not as practical. i say get the DFI ones if you want them to match and keep the length and flexibility constant. a sata cable is a sata cable, they'll support all sata standards.
  22. I'd add Antec... anything less than a TruePower2.0 you should avoid.
  23. i almost broke into a sweat when i worked up the nerve to take mine off. something about 500 dollars hanging in the balance that could do that to you i guess.
  24. Remote Desktop routes sound, lets you control visuals to cut down on bw, and is easier to use than VNC in my experience. also, a big PLUS is it locks the host computer when it's accessed. if you've let someone VNC into your computer, you sit there and watch what they're doing. it's nice to have the privacy.
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