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  1. the ONLY way i drink coca-cola is with whiskey or bourbon in it. i can't stand the taste of it by itself. now Dr. Pepper on the other hand.... well that's a topic for another poll.
  2. I'm a Mazda Miata! http://www.tomorrowland.us/sportscar/images/miata.jpg"> You like to soak up the sun, but your tastes are down to earth. Everyone thinks you're cute. Life is a winding road, and you like to take the curves in stride. Let other people compete in the rat race - you're just here to enjoy the ride. Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz. Edit; and aparantly i'm an idiot cuz i can't figure out how to make the code display everything correctly
  3. i installed my silencer yesterday. stock: idle: 47 load: 80 silencer: idle: 40 load: 68 some people's temps are a little lower than mine, but the real victory is the overall drop in temp for the rest of the sys due to the exhaust out the back. i used to dual [email protected], PWMIC @ 57C, now it never goes above 48C!! the NF4 chip used to get upwards of 45C while folding or gaming, now it never goes over 38C i'm very pleased with that 35 dollar investment!
  4. i bought three SilverStone FM120's a month ago. i put the speed at just below audible and it pushes enormous air. i'm dual [email protected] at cpu=48, pwm=48, nf4=38
  5. install it, it can easily be uninstalled from the cpl if you don't like it.
  6. Vente Sugar Free Vanilla Non Fat Latte every day. that's about $1000/year if i buy only one every workday. eye-opening...
  7. i wasn't having problems, but installing both gave performance increases. seriously, just bench before, then install and bench after. if you don't like the gains or it decreases, you can uninstall them both from the cpl
  8. hmm, i'd say that's a bit high. try speedfan or smartguardian?
  9. last i heard the new bios still hadn't fixed the problem. i think the general concensus is that it's off by like 10C. if it were me, i'd take 10C off whatever is given and OC away.
  10. i use them, they don't suck. some people have instability with them, so the general reccomendation is to not install them. if you don't install them, you can't run windows drive speed test from the dev manager (i couldn't find it w/o them). so i installed them and all has worked just fine ever since.
  11. it was a Neo2 Plat wasn't it? that's what i had before this DFI. anyway, as stated above, no worries on any of the SATAs. just avoid using the Sil ones, they suck.
  12. it's a possibility i use 704-2bta. seems like a lot of people use this one. if you don't want to use a modded bios try the 6/23 official. i used it for a while with no problems.
  13. the BT is very tall, i don't think you'll have a problem with the length of the screws.
  14. yeah, the less stuff that shows up in the dev manager the better if you put a low enough divider on your ram, it won't even feel it. it won't hinder your max FSB because the ram will still be running at or below 166. errata 123 is a defect, if you have it set to auto (default) it'll see if your chip is affected and apply it if it does. if you disable it, you're effectively telling the mobo not to check for the defect. it's a defect that you'd more than likely never see the ramifications of, so just disable it. you can find more info on it on rajakpot website i believe.
  15. your ram will hold your system back in the sense that it's not DDR400. as far as OC'ing, I've run mine with a divider and w/o and see no difference in benches or games. you should install the x2 drivers mainly for stability, i can't recall but i don't think i had a performance "gain"... i just stopped getting BSODs. Yes, also install the Hotfix from MS. you won't be able to OC your ram too much, so finding it's max won't take you too long. working with a 9x multi and 166 ram will be tough. you'll need to find your max HTT as that will probably limit your overclock the most. as far as tweaks in the BIOS, i'm a huge advocate of DISABLING Errata 123. i DID have performance gains by doing this. also, just clean house and disable everything you don't use. i disabled all the SATA ports that aren't used, the audio (SB card), firewire (never used it in my life) and just little things like that. they may not contribute to performance gains, but they surely won't contribute to incompatabilities either.
  16. you can run windowed mode on many games with newer hardware, thus giving you control of your desktop even while playing. personally i like fullscreen better. I play games in Dual View mode mainly, because it allows the other monitor to be seen, like you said with walkthroughs or whatnot. i always have mbm5's dashboard on the second monitor to see temps while playing a game in Horizontal Span mode (which i like better because the taskbar goes all the way across both mons) the other monitor will either go black or actually span the game (except Q4 or any OGL game), so it's not so usefull. to combat this, i set up a hotkey in nView to show the "display scheme" menu, that way i can easily switch back and forth. as far as the resolution changing on your second monitor, that's because your playing the game at a different res than your desktop. i have both dtop and games set to 12x10 and that fixes that. back on topic, GET dual monitors... you'll NEVER go back. spend an hour working with excel spreadsheets or word documents, even webbrowsing and you'll see the difference like night and day.
  17. the joke i was making is in regards to your spelling of Fatal1ty. you have it as Fatal t 1ty. get it? Fatal Titty
  18. what kind of SB X-Fi do you have? sounds more like a porn flick to me?
  19. yep, they're the same. you're good to go.
  20. i ordered mine the other day, should be here tomorrow i guess. i was thinking of putting AS5 just on the core and leave the pads for the mem. does the backplate on the other side attach with screws? or does it just stick to the memory?
  21. dude that's awesome! i posted that exact same thing on two other forums!!
  22. the force required to round that thick bottom of copper of the HS would be enough to crack the mobo, we're not applying that much pressure at all. If you look physically at mine, you can see that there IS slight rounding to the H-clamp (or whatever) but the actual HS is not going to conform to the clamp. my IHS is removed, so that would be of even higher concern to me, but it's simply not going to happen. on the topic of wiggling, the only way you'll get it to not wiggle is to use the provided foam backing with metal backplate. it's SO secure that when you properly tighten everything up, there's no wiggle. but this way pretty much locks you in to that mobo only as there's basically no way to unstick the backplate (i had a hell of a time cutting it off to RMA my dead SLI-DR). This time i used the DFI backplate, you can push the longer screws up through the holes with no problem. however, it wiggles because the backplate is not properly secured to the mobo except by friction, and the screws don't thread into the holes, the just sit there. i tightened mine up pretty damn tight and there's still a little wiggle, but only if i induce it. sorry for the long-winded retort, in short, it's cool, don't worry bout it
  23. my Raptor sounds like it's yelling at me sometimes. i'd rather a happy bubbly or gurgle anyday over this.
  24. exactly. 100 bucks is a bit steep for 3 buttons, but hey, they've gotta fund the production of the full keyboards somehow right?
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