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  1. hope i don't jinx it, but so far so good. reinstalled xpsp2 installed nforce 6.70's no swide updated criticals installed forceware 81.89's installed audigy beta drivers installed 3dmark05 and running 3 game tests 3 loops of each, on last one now... next i'll install nfs most wanted and see how it runs.
  2. well mine's 256, hope i'm a little better off.
  3. yeah, i just let it do it's thing, tried it, lock up, try again, lock up, yada yada. it's not like i tried to push it to 600/1400. i just ran 05 again and it gave the same error, i'm gonna try to run 03 and see if it does the same thing
  4. worked fine when i first installed it, liquid smooth. but after tryin to oc it and such there were lock ups and freezes due to too high clocks. dropped back down to stock and now there's stuttering issues in almost every game i play. most notably NFS MW. playing at 1024x768 NO aa, NO af and it stutters. i ran 3dmark05 a little while ago and got this message: IDirect3DDevice9= DrawIndexedPrimitive failed: Out of video memory (D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY) i don't know if my mem is shot now or if it's 3dmark05 needs to be reinstalled, game needs reinstall, OS needs reinstall? i need to sort this out pretty quickly so i can RMA this card back if it's borked. PS when i first installed it, there were little problems with the display. i run two monitors. so at bootup, one monitor would display POST and such and the other would have the beautiful Plaid pattering on it... wtf. or i'd get little blocks of red randomly through POST. or the screen would be stretched or scewed on one monitor. kinda odd, but said hey, maybe it'll work out. also, when OC, i couldn't get past 473/1275. so i don't think i pushed it too hard.
  5. ThermalTAKE Big Typhoon or ThermalRIGHT Si-120 if you're using Air like me. i always confuse the two companies, lol.
  6. got one from newegg. just didn't have a good feeling about the ebay one. got a big typhoon to go with it.
  7. Thinking of bidding on this... what do you guys think? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ADME:B:AAQ:US:1
  8. lol, don't worry, i know cpu's is a luck of the draw kinda thing. any good tut's on removing the IHS? found a crappy one on a forum but i'd have to reg to see the pics.. lame.
  9. true. you sold me... i'm buying. 175 for 475 and BT for 50ish i think thx again for your help. you guys are great. when i finally get it, i'll post what OC i can get here.
  10. ok, thanks for the info, i guess i'd just be worried that if i get it, i can only get it up to 2.5 or 2.6, which isn't much better than what i have now. i know dc is better, but games only use one. of course i realize the extra L2 cache is an improvement also. Egg has it OEM for 475... i think that's the one i'd get. is it pretty much a guarantee that i'd get a better OC with the IHS off?
  11. i don't want to interupt the flow of this thread, but this is as good a place to ask as any. right now i have a winchester 3200+ @2.5G 1.63V. i was thinking of getting a 4400+X2, but reading how they don't really OC well, i thought about Opty's. looking at them on newegg, i'd probably go with the 175 denmark. my question is: i am a gamer at heart and that's what i use my comp for 99% of the time. fear, hl2, q4, high end games like that. i asked a friend of mine if it'd be a good proc for me, but he said that opty's are naturally server processors and may lack instructions for 3d apps and games. is this true? or could i game away on this? finally, another question is, would there be a benefit getting the 4400+ as opposed to this 175? thanks for your help guys. PS, i'm all about taking the IHS off if it'll help me get close to 3.0 on air. i have XP-90 for cooler, but am thinking of getting a Big Typhoon for a cpu upgrade, anyone else use this cooler with an opty?
  12. don't install the sata drivers unless you plan to use RAID.
  13. while the ram was fine up to 260 at 3-3-3-7, my cpu HATED it, hated 250 even. i just think it hates running 1:1. i can run 250 with a 5/6 divider. so i just tightened back up the timings on the ram and will live with it until i get my Mushkin 2GB High Performance kit. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146425 should be here monday
  14. i installed the sw ide drivers on mine and the drives bench a few MB/s faster... no degredation in aqua/pcmark/3dmark
  15. after getting the new power supply, i loosened the timings on the ram to 3-3-3-7-2T and dropped the multi on the cpu to 8, right now running at 250 1:1... first time i've ever been able to do that on any board. i'll use a64 tweaker to see if i can tighten things up a bit. passed tests 1,2,3,4 of memtest and am running through prime95 right now.
  16. after being frustrated with this for 4 hours, i decided to unplug one of my HDD's... problem solved. my current power supply only supplies 17Amps to the 12 volt rail @400W, the new one that should be coming in soon will supply 19Amps to 12V and it's 550W. so, no more instability, bsod's or lock-ups in games. i laxed the oc from 2.5 to 2.4G and loosened the timings a bit to not stress the psu too much. the 7800gtx, i tried to oc it from stock (450/1250), but was unstable at 475/1300. but that was before i unplugged a HDD, so hopefully now i'll be able to get it higher.
  17. now i keep getting the BSOD with the good ol' "STOP: 0x0000009C Machine_check_exception". which means... power supply not beefy enough. i ordered the vid card, mobo, and psu from newegg on thursday to send overnight for friday, the psu didn't get shipped, so it won't get here til monday i guess.
  18. RAM timings are: CPC enabled (1T) 2-2-5-2-7-11-2-2-2-2 3072-1-enable-255-3-auto-8ns-5ns-64-disable-16x-7x-disable my bios also shows a setting for DRAM Response (normal, fast, fastest). i have it on normal right now, when i get windows reinstalled and running, i'll try the other two settings. ran memtest test 4 with no errors three times in a row.
  19. thanks for the input. yes my ram is just so-so. it's rev 1.1 also, which is the crappy rev of this xms. i knew i was destined for problems, though it's not so much with the setup, but with the xp install. giving me "run dll as an app" problems. so, backing up and reinstalling. this time i'll make an image of the hdd when i get the basics installed. i've got it running at 2.5G @ 250x10 5/6 divider. ram is running at 208 (what cpuz says). i know it'll run 218-220 but there's no real good way of getting 2.5 (max for this cpu on air) and having 220 FSB. BIOS on this board is the 635 out of box. yes, this psu only has the 20 pin atx connector. and the new one i'm getting supplies 19Ato the 12Vrail. Antec TruePower 2.0 550W. so that'll suffice when it comes in monday. I'll think about getting a new raptor, though it's quite speedy for me already. i'd been using 7200 rpm drives for the longest time, then when i installed the raptor, it's like the speed and loading times for things almost doubled.
  20. ok, installing xp right now. seems like every other or third boot, it locks up at a random part in the boot sequence... think it's becuase the psu i'm using at the moment only has 20 pin instead of 24 pin? also, for a 7800gtx, it came with a plug that splices off to two molex females. do both of these need to be plugged in or just one?
  21. yeah, i installed xp on my current sys a while back with all hdd's on and it wrote sys vol info on all three, made my ide's c: and d: and my win drive e:, wtf. so i copied and deleted all info from drives so they were fresh again, then installed xp with just raptor and all was fine. thanks for the heads up on the sw.
  22. I'll be installing the DFI SLi-DR and XFX 7800GTX today with my 3200 winnie. Everything else in my sig is from a current build on a MSI K8N Neo2 Plat with an X800Pro modded to an XTPE. I've read alot of FAQ's here and elsewhere and have seen info on not allowing certain HDD SW install with the mobo drivers. I'll use my 74G raptor as my Windows drive, and i have two other drives that are IDE, one's 80G and the other's 200G. These will not be in a RAID config. My question is: Is there a specific way to set these up in the BIOS (ie-turn off raid, etc) for best results? Also, what things should i not allow to be installed software-wise (nvidia IDE, raid, firewall)? OT, I'm a bit worried about how the board will work with my ram. I've read some horror stories... more bad than good. Just have to see how that goes i guess. on my current system, i have the winnie OC'd to 2.5GHz @ 250x10 (mem at 200) @2-2-2-10-1T. I've tried to raise my ram speed up, but it won't go past 218ish, even on laxed timings, but the MSI only goes up to 2.8VDIMM. I'm not possitive, but i believe these Dimms are rated for 3.5V. if so, do you think that would help to get over 218? PS. OOT- i read a while back that the Raptors 36 and 74G had native support for NCQ, but SATA-1 did not support it. SATA-2 does support it right? so if i plug the raptor into one of the 4 SATA-2 ports can i get NCQ to work? also, how DO you get NCQ to work, is there some way you have to turn it on? Thanks for your help guys.
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