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  1. not hard, but an inconvience with one monitor. i find all that extra desktop real estate to be valuable. for everything else *besides* games, dual monitors rock. esp when reseaching/studying/following walk throughs in photoshop or any program. having everything side by side, AND OPEN, is really really nice. i didnt think id utilize at first, but once i started learning how to use em, i cant stand only one monitor.


  2. on my stacker 830 i've got two 120's on the right of the HSF blowing down on the PWM and GFX areas, so if my CPU fan sucks out, it'll help circulate that cool air coming from outside the mesh grill.


    you're right though, in other setups it would just make it worse, but because mine's setup the way it is, it just may help.

  3. it's sad dude, she's all checking her forums, banks, ebay, latest stuff from Louis Vuitton. and i'm like, "i'm gonna tinker around inside my comp" and then she says, "what, you don't want to spend time with me?".


    i felt like charlie brown, was about to yell, "UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!"

  4. Any results? I was thinking that also, to free some heat to the chipset/pwmic


    I'll have to do it when i get home from work. Will try it in about 2 hours.


    edit: As a starting reference. I dual fold at 49/48/38/40. that's cpu,pwm,nf4,gpu respectively while blowing down. i'll post again what the differences are when sucking.


    totally great oppotunity for a SpaceBalls reference there. :D

  5. you don't need the patch, it's for implimenting SMP, which your CPU is a single core.


    First I'd try reinstalling the game. if that doesn't fix it, try reinstalling your vid drivers. after that i don't know what to tell ya. are you trying to play on Ultra Quality? cuz mine will drop back to the desktop if i try it, i have to run on High and turn other stuff either up or on.

  6. get whatever's cheapest for the same speed and L2 cache. you'll realize no difference getting an Opteron over an X2 or vice versa. don't get the FX60, that's overpriced and unnecessary. i'd recommend either the Opteron 180 or the X2 4800+ Toledo. they're both the same speed and have the same amount of L2 cache, but he X2 is about 100 bucks cheaper.

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