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  1. i used the standoffs that came with the case. no probs with the PCIE slot with them.
  2. this is true, but i'd advise against doing that to your system drive
  3. Windows Remote Desktop can do this as well. you can also bring sound to the local computer. if your host's upload speed is decent you can stream music over.
  4. minimod? if you're referring to putting foam in the spaces, i read that thread (or one like it) many moons ago when i first got the BT. so yeah, i put the foam it came boxed in on it when i first got it.
  5. here's a thread i made a while back to show how cool dual monitors can be. now this is not practical for FPS cuz the crosshair lies right at the split of the two monitors, but it looks really cool and makes a great screenshot. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=38323
  6. i tried it last night as well and my results are the same as yours. actually, since putting it all back the way it was, i avg 1C more now. oh well, guess i'll have to reseat the HS this weekend.
  7. lol, it's amazing what one little RAM tweak will do
  8. it's the same with ATI. my old x800xtpe acted the same as this gtx.
  9. i thought i read somewhere that you must have a password on the account you're trying to connect to.
  10. on my stacker 830 i've got two 120's on the right of the HSF blowing down on the PWM and GFX areas, so if my CPU fan sucks out, it'll help circulate that cool air coming from outside the mesh grill. you're right though, in other setups it would just make it worse, but because mine's setup the way it is, it just may help.
  11. it's sad dude, she's all checking her forums, banks, ebay, latest stuff from Louis Vuitton. and i'm like, "i'm gonna tinker around inside my comp" and then she says, "what, you don't want to spend time with me?". i felt like charlie brown, was about to yell, "UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!"
  12. sorry guys, didn't get a chance to fool with it yesterday, gf said we needed to spend time together. you know how that is. i'll do it tonight.
  13. I'll have to do it when i get home from work. Will try it in about 2 hours. edit: As a starting reference. I dual fold at 49/48/38/40. that's cpu,pwm,nf4,gpu respectively while blowing down. i'll post again what the differences are when sucking. totally great oppotunity for a SpaceBalls reference there.
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