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  1. Great buy the Expert now need to get the Venus. :cool: Well ive had 3 sets of TCCD ram pass thro my hands, OCZ,Gskill and Corsair and they were all a bugger to get stable on the Expert. My Mushkin UTT can hit 260Mhz with half the time to get the TCCD even lose stable. Well i hope there is a bios to solve the TCCD issue soon. :cool:
  2. 4Qman

    Why do Experts clock so poorly?

    The Expert Board rocks. :nod: I too had to fiddle with Data Drive Strength and the other few settings as this really made the difference from a stable system and a non stable system expecially on TCCD IC's. I cant fault the board to be honest, just needs more play which myself and many who buy DFI boards enjoy anyway. Especially on the "Expert" board.
  3. 4Qman

    Help removing IHS

    http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40207 Thats the Guide dude. Id really think about it as my mate killed a X2 CPU doing it.
  4. 4Qman

    Help removing IHS

    Ive done a few and i used a blade from a craft & art set my sis had. Ive also used a stanley blade. There is a guide floating around "Video style" have you seen it.
  5. On average the 3800 sould clock from around 2.4-2.8Ghz. Altho this isnt garanteed, I could get mine to 2.4Ghz with 1.325v Prime Stable. Just keep increasing and upping the Vocre if unstable. Als OC the ram seprate then u will see if its the CPU which is letting u down if it fails Prime etc. Use Prime over Super PI mate for a long term test. goo luck.
  6. 4Qman

    Compare your SUPER_PI scores here!

    http://overclockerzforum.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=52 Around 5 results there. I get 28sec on my Opty at 2.95Ghz
  7. Im still conviced the Expert MB hates my TCCD chips. Ive got em solid at 2.5-3-3-6 300mhz T1 but they keep crashing. They are fine on my Other MB. Also im going with 2GB for this reason. What is going to be the best 2x1Gb sticks. Ive read the Gskill are good.
  8. 4Qman

    Should I push further?

    well them temps are still in the safe zone. Id consider Pushing a little however your need to use a different divider which will mean your have to hit 3ghz to get 250mhz on the ram. Id maybe try this but keep watching the temps. If they increase too much id be happy with the OC u have which is mighty fine also. :nod:
  9. 4Qman

    DFI Expert Not so Great

    Well im not sured what it is exactly it is but im sure its up in the top left had near the ram on the board. Ive got a 120mm fan on my ram and it drops the temps of my PWMIC around 4oC. Here are some Temps http://www.4qman.co.uk/
  10. 4Qman

    DFI Expert Not so Great

    Ive had this board Memtest stable with 2.5-3-3-6 T1 for well over 4hrs with 0 errors. However the second i boot into windows it will crash. Its the ram as it does it on my other board if i go over 260mhz with loose timmings. I used these settings. http://4qman.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=4 I take it my ram must be faulty however how the hell can it pass memtest for so long but then crash in windows.
  11. Ok here are my timmings for my Mushkin HP3200 UTT at 250Mhz. I can run them at 255Mhz but i have to go a little looser. Im getting around 7300mb/s in sandra 05 Mem bandwith Test. This is having a 120mm 105cfm Fan over the chips at 7v which keeps the chips to 26oC idle and 33oC load. Without the fan they hit 40oC. Ive had them Memtest Test 5 stable for hours and Prime 8 Hrs Solid. I know they arnt TCC5/TCCD but hope it helps.
  12. Ok Here are my OCZ PC4800 Plat Elite TCCD chips 300Mhz Stable 2.5-3-3-6 T1 (2.71v Bios reading) TRC-9 TRFC-14 TRRD-3 TWR-2 TWRT-2 TRWT-2 TREF-3072 TWCL-1 BANK-ENB SKEW-INCREASE/AUTO 255/0 DRIVE ST-7 (Very Important) DATA ST-2/1 (Very Important) 7NS/8NS 5NS/6NS 128 DIS 16X 07X DIS Use the Orange settings if not stable = Lower performance They are Rock solid in Memtest for well over 30min with 0 errors. It took ages to get these settings. Im not 100% sure about windows as i started to test mu Muskin UTT chips.
  13. 4Qman

    3.0Ghz! Does this count?

    Id definatly Go with getting Super PI32 Mb stable first. I had my CABNE 0545 at 2.9Ghz fine in prime for about 2omin then i stoped it and tryed Super PI and it crashed in about 3minutes. Now i always Super PI 32meg before id even consider running prime over night. It take around 30min or more. then u can leave you rig on Prime with it having a good chance of passing. :tooth:
  14. Could you post your settings please mate with the 293Mhz timmings. It seems this board really does need some fine tuneing on the TCC5/TCCD chips. My Mushkin UTT is no probms. Also my ram is Rock solid and 6Hrs+ prime stable with the settings on this thread. Thanks mate.
  15. Man u are a diamond, ive spent hours and i mean hours with my OCZ PC4800 ram with no luck. Then bam i come in from a night in on the booze and find out my ram has failed memtest yet again. So i boot into windows and wait for the crash and i think "ill check dfi street" then i find this thread. Man u RULE. Thanks mate, its memtest stable and prime stable for the last 45min. Night, bruv.
  16. Ok ive tryed using my OCZ PC4800 Plat TCCD chips in the orange slots and i cant get them stable. The board is fine with my Mushkin Redline, ive tryed loads of settings with the OCZ and even tryed 3.0v. I can get the ram stable at 300Mhz in Memtest for over an hour and it pases at stock without any errors. But when i boot into windows it will run for a few mins then reset. Any help, or advice. :confused:
  17. Ok my expert MB comes tomorrow and id like to know if my DD Maize 4 chipset block will fit with no problems. Thanks
  18. 4Qman

    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    Grimpy get testing man, i just ordered the exact same stepping. I serched all the UK online stores and only found one by chance when i called. They didnt advertise on there website as they are the OEM version, I asked the sales guy and the stepping is as followed. CAB2E 0545 CPMW "Same as yours" :nod: What results you got from yours mate.