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  1. Mine is a Mazda RX7 Efini twin turbo... Am in the process of part exchanging it for a 20 year old Porsche 911 targa though.
  2. //Y 60D 6|_|Y5, //|-|475 //|20||6 //17|-| 411 0|= |_|? 1 C4||'7 8313i/3 |_| 411 637 50 4||0Y3D 8y 1337 5p34|< ... i7'5 50 c001 4||D 137s |_| 0//|| ||0085 4||D D15|-| 0|_|7 p//||4G3! 101......... //007! It does my life in! (>_<)
  3. Out of three that were bought on launch day - mine, bro's and mates - two have died horrible deaths since... In fairness to MS, the turn around on replacements was only a week! Didn't get sent an extra one though! Grrrrr.
  4. It only has one beefy fan at the back.... But always remains relatively "cool" in temp... (for the 1kw). Be warned that it's quite a bit longer then a normal psu. I had to remove my blowhole fan from the middle of the top of my case as the psu goes all the way past it!!!
  5. Yup, (in europe anyway) your insurance premium increases depending on the number of tickets/penalty points you have on your license. You are deemed as having a higher "risk" of an accident (using a complicated system of actuarial ratings applied to your insurance) and therefore your insurance is higher as the likely hood of the insurance company having to pay a claim for you is higher... They have to get there costs back and turn a profit after all.
  6. well I sky dive, and that's really dangerous, so nah nanana nah nah! /sarcasm
  7. watsonte , I used to be a Financial Analyst at one of the big American investment banks. (Though I discovered that there is more to life then 24/7 work!) Economics and politics are precursors to societal development. You can't understand the state of the world today without an appreciation of these two factors. (Knowledge of world history would be the other major prerequisite for a healthy over view) For instance the current war on terror can only be truely defined by the current shifts in geopolitical power, the oil peak, the resurgence of Russian nationalism, the outragous growth of both the Chinese and Indian economies, China's localised muscle flexing within the South East Asian region, The decline of NAFTA, the popularity of the socialist (Chavez) movement in latin merica, the Neo-conservative agenda etc... etc... Oh and of course the history of US and UK support of the regimes of Iraq, Suadi Arabia etc... and the history of the imposition of land borders on these, and many more, middle eastern countries by the British when they were doing their worst for the cause of Empire. Anyway. A little of topic, so I apologise. Probably should have pm'd a reply. ps: The reason for such an interest in US politics is because (unfortunately) US politics currently shape World politics and therefore the direction we go in generally!
  8. Adjusted for inflation and parity that $44 Trillion is the largest US debt (by quite a way) since the great sepression after WW2. (That was why the US dumped the gold standard - followed by the rest of us) Try an 850cc Rover Mini (The old ones). Not near 6l per 100KM but pretty damn efficient and cheap to run.
  9. Almost always speed when outta town on my bike! Figure I'm only really putting myself in danger! That being said got caught doing 90 in a 40 zone in my car a couple of months back... Copper was good enough to let me off though. (After threatening to arrest me for dangerous driving!) D'oh (Was on a two lane freeway/dual carriage way, not somewhere with sidewalk or oncoming!)
  10. I have one and have experienced zero problems... And have quite a bit of power hungry hardware... Couldn't tell you bout xloading tho, sry...
  11. Ah...but what fills it's place?
  12. My bro runs a 4000+ on an Expert and he's more then happy with performance and is getting a good OC out of it on water cooling.
  13. Hehe! I don't mean to laugh - but welcome to the world of RAID...All the latest storage marvels and we have to buy floppy drives still! D'oh! :eek:
  14. I'd go with an x1900xt instead of the nvidia GPU without a doubt if it's an uber gaming rig he is after... get the crossfire mobo instead as even though the Expert SLi is cool (it must be, I have one! lol) the x1900xt poo's all over a 7900 and comes worryingly close to my dual 7800 512 sli's! As for the Intel / AMD issue... point him in my direction. I run both and the Intel machine just doesn't cut the mustard over the AMD. EVER! Even oc'd at 4GHz. You might consider a better PSU for future proofing the build a little as well. If he were to run RAID, SLi, more case mods etc...in the future he/she may well need more ampage! I'd set up RAID as well... SOooo much quicker in every department!
  15. Yup, loose IDE SW driver and firewall...
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