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  1. I think Intel is more than satisfied with the free advertising (and good results) the ES's are doing in all the forums, so I don't think they'll complain much about the dark Conroe market
  2. Well my chip loves volts. It even primes up to 57c (without taking in account CBID's offset of -6c ). Anyway for 24/7 I run it 300x9 1.525v with 166div on the mem.
  3. Well the test was at stock. But taking in account those 7900 have poor headroom and the ATIs overclock really well up to 700/800 even more, the overclocked results should end in even more advantage on the ATI side.
  4. Diverse opinions again Anyway, the only way to get past 1.55v is to use specials, so in any case, I need to use it. Funny sig Synchronize :D
  5. Please could you post more info like: Vcore Vdimm Video drivers Monitor+resolution+refreshrate PCI-E speed Exact video card model (is it pre-OCed) From what I've read, it can be: 1. Video driver related 2. PCI-E speed, set it to 104/105 maybe that helps 3. 7900GT/X are known to fail at "stock" speeds. If your card is one of those pre-OCed ones you should try to set it to nvidia stock speeds and see what happens. And for the 12h settings being now not stable, maybe you didn't set it correctly after all the tests? Press F8, get into safe mode, uninstall video driver and reboot. Reinstall video driver and see what happens. If that way doesn't work, you should install Rivatuner and set the card at nvidia stock 7900GT speeds if your card is pre-OCed. Hope this helps
  6. Yes but what happens with 100% stock settings? I had problems with a pair of OCZ3001024ELDCGE-K in the same scenario. Set all to stock, 2.6vdimm, By SPD, 200HTT x 200divider and in one position ram had errors in Test 5. Same thing with 2.8v 2-2-2-5 (as stated in the website). I can agree with a weak slot/dimm, but... at stock? I even started to think bad of the mobo Well I had the pair exchanged by warranty, but it still annoys me.
  7. Exact. Why I can't understand is all those Specials up to 136%, why don't allow for 1.7 non Special? If I don't want to fine tune at .005v but I want to use 1.60 I have to use 1.425x113% or something like that, which ends in ripples that can (not sure) end with instability. Please someone can lead us in the right direction? Is it true special has ripples? Thanks!
  8. Hm those xbitlabs tests are before the Chuck Patch that along with HDR+AA (which no nVidia card can do right now) improved performance and actually overperforms 7900GT/X. Read through the firingsquad to see actual benchmark scores. BTW I should upgrade my sig. I bought a X1900XT and seriously, the card is magnifique So you know my answer, go for the ATI :nod:
  9. I can't check for sure because XS is down, but IIRC there was a 7800GS in AGP flavor.
  10. ATI Tool is the best utility as of now. As OutlawFX said, you've got to close (or better, disable) both ATI services. Overclocker loosens memory timings so badly that 900mhz are worse than 800 with ATI Tool. BTW ATI Tray Tools can't overclock, but can be used for everything else. You've got to edit the .ini, look for "Overclock" and set it to 0.
  11. 1.425 x 110% is 1.5675v, so you can expect ~52c with a Big Typhoon. PWMIC depends on fans etc. Mine with 1.45v on the CPU and stock on LDT and Chipset, 80mm 19cfm fan gets close to 60c, sometimes higher. So with 1.56v in the CPU... I woud say close to 70c. All this with ~20c ambient. If I were you wouldn't want to run so many volts on a DC. Try to get the most mhz with 1.45v max. That's what I did. I can run 2.7ghz with 1.55v, but prefer 2.6ghz with 1.45v for 24/7
  12. Yes I can support what dave says. He sold me my 165, and no customs at all
  13. @cjoe7: I have the same stepping as yours, but in a 165. In my case, it is core0 which is weaker. And I get pretty simmilar results as yours, but ~50mhz less, which makes sense as it is a lower binned 165. Seeing yours has the core1 weaker, points me to rip off the IHS, but still not sure how will I mount my Big Typhoon (having the case horizontal is not a problem, it's its natural position already )
  14. That 1200mm fan should make a hell of a noise :shake: :shake: Any photos? :eek2: ok ok, j/k :cool:
  15. Well if the statement "CPU speed is KING" is accepted everywhere, I would go for 300x9 with 166 divider over 289x9 with 183 divider. If you see my sig you'll see 289x9, 183 divider, but that's because I need a lot of volts to run my chip at 300x9
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