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  1. I had problems with atitool not starting properly due to some driver issues, but I got it to work on 5.10 - 5.12 in win32 and win64, havent tried 5.13 yet due to catalyst not uninstalling/installing. so it is fully compatible with the x1800xt, it may be driver related or some conflict elsewhere. i did see one glitch, on startup of the 3d view, almost all the edges are artifacted, to solve this just hit scan for artifacts and go back to the 3d cube.
  2. Well, i've tried everything i can think of but still no luck with 3112 in x64:( Out of curiosity i installed 32bit win to bench a raid on the 3112 vs the same raid on the 3114. i guess it's easier to show you so here The blue line is the 3114 chip and the red is the 3112, it looks to me like the 3114 has no bandwidth like its on a standard pci slot so its peaked solid around 72MB/s. As for 64-bit drivers, i've found that if you have the 3114 chip set to "SATA RAID" in the bios then you use the 3114_64_lraid_logo_1006 driver from Sil's site, if it's set to "SATA RAID 0,1,01,5" then use the 3114_x86_win64_raid_1231 driver as Whyze did. Except for the raid 5 option i didnt see a performance difference. 5.12 drivers? do you mean from ati or the sil3512(which uses the same driver as 3112)? or did i miss something, i thought ati's SB package was just windows drivers(or nothing to use during windows install), please correct me if i'm wrong as I would like to take advantage of the speed difference in chips.
  3. I know this topic is a bit old but it's the only one that seems to address sil3112 and x64 not seeing the raid. I was wondering if anyone has gotten that combination to work? I've been through just about everything that Whyze went through, but i've only managed to get 32bit windows to rcognize the raid. So i'm pretty sure its not the raid, but still nothing is detected in x64 using drivers from SI's site and a couple other's from the web.
  4. I'm getting slower speeds as well with the 3114 and my 4x350's. hdtach shows 55MB/s average and 72MB/s burst speeds, when on my last board with 3114 i got at least double that. I'm gonna try my old cables and possibly the 3112 raid as well, hopefully I can get more reputable results.
  5. Hey everyone, Just got my second dfi board and as before, I am still amazed at all the little extras you get with these boards. Not to mention the awesome overclocking, keep up the good work. Anyway, I went to install windows x64, my friend let me borrow it, but the Sil 3114 raid drivers(if I’m not mistaken) are only for 32-bit. My raid is my primary/only drive and I’m brand new to 64-bit. I searched around the web and could only find one driver that loaded into windows setup, but still no disk was found. I was wondering if anyone has solved this and/or tried this with any success? And would there be a x64 Sil Bios?, or would that even matter. For now I’m going to try getting 32-bit working for a LAN, but I hope to hear from someone, Thanx in advance. P.S. The x64 driver on DFI's main site didn't seem to work, is that for in windows installation of Raid?
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