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  1. I'm using clips to mount the block. Cant use screws as theres no holes in the board. The hooks on the board are a lil bit loose for the clips so it would move around but i've cabletied it against the board. It can only really slip around on it rather than away from it. I'm using arctic silver thermal compound. The airflow in the case isnt amazing as theres not really a large vent on the front of the case. My Hard drives sit around 35C and theres 7 of them on top of each other so it cant be too bad. I havent lapped the cpu or the waterblocks but I wouldnt really trust myself to do it. Would it that make this much of a difference?
  2. Ahh brilliant. Will have to get hold of one. Any idea what could be wrong with the chipset block? It is a little loose but even if I physically hold it against it, it only drops by about 5C.
  3. Idle Tjunction = 100C Core0 = 45C Core1 = 45C Core2 = 42C Core4 = 44C Load Tjunction = 100C Core0 = 68C Core1 = 68C Core2 = 61C Core4 = 62C Tjunction didnt move so i guess it isnt reading properly...well i hope it aint lol. Probably because i'm on Vista x64
  4. I built a watercooling setup about 6 months ago with: DDD5 pump DD TDX CPU block ThermoChill PA120.3 Radiator Swiftech MCW30 Chipset Block Fillport/T-Pipe Tygon tubing This is my first watercooling build and I'm not too sure if i've got it set up right. I've followed a few of the guides to set it up but I'm not sure if the temps i'm seeing are very good. I'm running a QX6700 @ 3.3GHZ 1.45V. Temps are 75-80C loaded, 55C idle with the chipset around 65C. At the moment i've got 3 fans attached to the radiator and a huge desk fan behind them trying to keep it cool but it doesnt seem to be working too well..Are those temps about right for the setup I have? Or have I got something setup wrong? Thanks
  5. Theres only one graph in taskman Thats the only thing that shows that there could be another core. Any ideas at all of how i could re-enable it? Probably being stupid but it could be worth the trouble! hehe
  6. I dont know whether this is just a simple reading error by everest but when i look at my cpu it shows twice. Also underneath there is two sets of cache. This is a pic of the reading: http://www.datty.co.uk/wtf.JPG Anyone got any thoughts on this? If its truly a second core thats been disabled will i be able to re-enable it? or will it be totally disabled inside the chip? Thanks Datty
  7. I'm totally new to watercooling and i'm not too sure if the parts i have looked at will work well together or if they are a good choice at all. I want to be able to cool my cpu,gfx and chipset. These are the parts i have been looking at: CPU Block - DD TDX 1/2" GFX Block - DD NV68 1/2" Chipset - Maze 4 DFI expert chipset (not sure if this will work with my non expert board but i thought it probably would as the cooler A_G uses will work on both boards) Pump - DD12v-D5 Radiator - Thermochill PA120.3 Hose - Tygon 1/2" Fillport I'm also not too sure about the water additives but i've noticed that a few people have said they are using MCT-5. Is this the best i could use? Also, would the 1/2" be a better choice than the 3/8" ?
  8. i dont have another PSU i can test that would be any better than the one i have. I've done a screenprint of my temps/volts here
  9. Did the CMOS clear....booted back into windows and started movin files. got a BSOD to black screen after about 15mins
  10. i've done a 2min clear on the CMOS and used 1 stick of ram. I have also run memtest overnight(9hours ish) and had no errors. will try a 10min cmos clear now EDIT : I have all 3 power connectors plugged in
  11. The problem started a few weeks back and i've been trying to sort the problem since then. I keep having the Machine Check Exception BSOD. The problem occurs quite randomly but recently i noticed it happens more frequently when moving lots of files between hard drives. To add to this problem i randomly get a scrambled bios screen when i boot the pc. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to forums so..i'll try and post a pic of one. Up to now i've tested my hard drives in many different configurations as i was told that this might be the problem but the problem continued. I've also removed my graphics card and sound card to eliminate them from the list. I have also used 1 stick of ram to make sure they werent causing any problems. I know the overclock isnt the problem as i've also removed it and still had the problem. Any help trying to find the problem would be greatly appreciated Datty Pic of screen gone crazy
  12. There is only 1 module currently in but cpu-z reports 2. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=54098 Thats what is showing at the moment
  13. I'm looking for some help with my board/ram. Not sure which i'm having problems with. I usually run 2x512mb in dual channel but i think one module has died. It shows up as being just over 1gb in size and the bios will not post. When i look in cpu-z it shows that my motherboard has 2 ram modules installed. One being 32gb in size...not what to do about my problem and any help would be appreciated
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