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  1. well, I must download "Motherboard Monitor 5 Update 3" from this website then install this. http://www.thetechrepository.com/showpost....138&postcount=1 then follow this step downloading this : Core Temp plugin v1.13 thanks to say me if it's right, cause my english to understand all that I must done isn't very good. Pink
  2. hello, I'm going to buy a DFI DK P35 T2RS with an E8400, and I'd like to know if it's possible to use MBM5 for monitoring the température of cpu, chipset, mosfets, etc....like on NF4. if yes, what is the procedure for doing that ? thanks a lot for your answer. my rig must arrive last week normally. Pink
  3. thanks for your answer Logan, finally, I'm going to buy the P35 T2RS Dark séries. do you know if the cooling scythe zipang is compatible with ? thanks
  4. Hello, It seems that this motherboard ( http://us.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_sp...TYPE=MB&SITE=US )with an Intel in 45µ (Wolfdale - E8400 for example) can't up to 520 of FSB. more of people in France seems have this problem. are you with the current about this ? do you know if a bios will regulate this problem ? this problem doesn't appear with the Intel in 65µ. thanks for your answer. Pink.
  5. Logan, one question. on your cd, this board : http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3129&p=1 we must choice "ultra", that's it ? not "LT" ? thanks
  6. ok, thanks a lot for your answer. have a good day. Pink
  7. ok. and if one day I want to put a 8800 GT for example ? the PSU will be ok ?
  8. does the PSU is ok too for this rig ? and the Crucial
  9. this one : UT P35-T2R Beta LP35D214.BIN or this one : UT P35-T2R Beta LP35D109.BIN that's it ?
  10. which bios I must take ? I have donwload the last T'mod cd v11.0 thanks
  11. Hello, I'm going to buy in a few time this motherboard : http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=154151 I'm going to put on it a C2D E8400 and 2x1Go of Crucial Ballistic tracer PC8500. The PSU will be an OCZ Gamestream 600W. I'd like to know before buying if the E8400 is compatible with this motherboard. if you have any suggestion about this rig.....thanks a lot. Pink
  12. so ? I wait an answer to know if I flash with EX100706 or EX041106 ? I heard somewhere that EX041106 was less stable than EX100706... thanks. Pink.
  13. and do you know the difference between EX100706 and EX041106 ? why do you use EX100706 and not EX041106 ? thanks. Pink.
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