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  1. rbarone69, you are a star! That solution you gave regarding the PCI NIC causing the 3D stuttering was spot on! Without a shadow of a doubt. All benchmarking is smooth, cpu score in 3DM6 is up to what it should be and I can now crank details up that I had turned down to compensate for the cpu loss. I've had this problem for over 2 months and tried feck knows what to try and fix it! If you were local I'd buy you a drink!
  2. Interesting, it's known that the secondary NIC isn't worth the fluff from under my toenails! I'll disable it and see what happens - Am I correct in thinking that you can't disable it from the bios, only from XP?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I installed the AMD driver a while ago and it didn't change a thing unfortunately. Uninstalled it too and the same. C&Q is disabled since I'm overclocking (AMD X2 4400 @ 2.64Ghz) ViperJohn, I'm sure my psu is more than capable. I did have an issue with it when I first got it, and I posted an advisory over at [H]OCP. The jist of that was I had both 12v rails in split mode and the computer would just switch off completely when the load got too high. These rails max out at 20A so the system was consuming over that on one rail. However, by simply putting the psu into combine mode (switch on the back) meant it was one 12V rail with a max of 35A. This Tagan psu also has a blue LED at the switch that lights when the system is consuming more than 20A. I only see that blue LED come on when I have overclocked the X1900's and really hammering the system at periods of high demand - and it still plods along - and note, this stuttering happens below or above 20A. I'm testing out some settings in the bios, particularly the SB, NB and LDT voltages - raising the LDT voltage fixed my problem of visual speckles or horizontal streaks while in 3D mode (not artifacts). I doubt it's heat related as I have pretty good cooling, soon to be water cooled. It may be academic anyway; if the new ATI Crossfire boards (16x2) are good performers this motherboard is ebay fodder.
  4. Yeah, my problem is on almost all the games I've been playing recently - X3:Reunion - FEAR - Q4 - NFSMW (really badly) It's more like the program/system is tugging, like waiting on information or something. When the CPU affinity is set to one core for that program, the problem is completely gone! Someone suggested that it's the CPU load handling, because when the program is really demanding, it switches over to the additional core for spare capacity. It's this switching that could be causing this sticking/stuttering effect. By forcing it to only one core, it no long 'load shifts' and thus the problem isn't apparent. Sounds feasible...but how do I fix it? Already tried a reinstall of XP and update drivers. If anyone that has a simillar set up could post or send me there BIOS tweeks I'd be really gratefull!
  5. +++++ Scroll to post 15 to read rbarone69's solution +++++ Does anyone here that has a RDX200 and a X1900 (or two) have a problem with games stuttering? I have a problem with games stuttering, and 3DMark is a good test bed that shows the problem very clearly and reproducable. I have tried all the usual suspects: - The AMD hotfix - enabling /usepmtimer doesn't do squat - XP reg hack PerfEnablePackageIdle doesn't do squat regardless if it's on or not - Setting CPU affinity to the offending program - it works a treat in clearing up the stuttering, but kills performance - as can be seen in 3DMark05 Here's some results that shows it very clearly: //homepage.ntlworld.com/mysterae/pc_stuff/overclock/OC_prob_01.gif[/img] If no one else is getting this, then I must assume it's the RDX200 or a setting in the BIOS. All help gladly welcomed! PS. I need to update my sig as the graphics card has changed to X1900XTX and X1900 Crossfire, but everything else is the same (lots of overclocks!)
  6. One last thing to try when bios won't boot is: - switch the motherboard off, but psu still on, - hold down the 'insert' key on the keyboard, - switch the motherboard on while keeping insert pressed down until you get something on the screen (here's hoping). This should force the motherboard to run at the low of the lowest bios settings, ignoring anything in there that may be stopping the board from booting. This happend to me once with this board after changing a setting which stopped the board from starting, so I know it works. If your board fails to boot after trying that, you have a poor or faulty component, not necessarily the motherboard. Also, the above may only work if you use a ps2 type keyboard, not usb. Why? If it's the usb that messing with the bootup, it won't even know the insert key is being pressed.
  7. The cpu voltage was 1.5v (cpuid said 1.47v), at a idle temp of 34C, on load 47C, stock amd hsf. It running at 2.65Ghz at the moment still on air at voltage of 1.6v 36C/48C according to smartguardian. Chipset is always 44 - 48C. What are you getting with the watercooled cpu? I'm watercooling soon, and would feel more comfortable putting more volts in if it was cooled properly instead of air!
  8. I did manage to run with a divider (166 5/6) but didn't spend much time doing so. It looked like I was hitting the ceiling on my cpu before the memory got 200Mhz (ish). At the time I was testing that, I was only running the memory at 2.75v (smartgarian said 2.67v) at the time, and the Ballistix stuff needs 2.8v apparently. You definetly need cooling on the ram when at these speeds and voltages.
  9. 3DMark05 is now 100% stable - placed a 120mm fan at the back of the vid card to help it cool and it's doing the trick. This mobo isn't in a case yet, just sitting on my antistat mat open to the elements.
  10. I've had my RDX200 for over a week now, and have been lurking in this forum for a little longer . Reading and learning about this motherboard as I go along. Using the RDX200 has been relatively painless compared to some who have taken it on. I did manage to burn out a floppy drive right out at the start, but I don't know if it was broken before. Managed to boot from DVD and flash to the beta bios (2005/11/02) before I even looked at setting the bios. It's now flashed to the beta 2005/11/23 bios version. This is the first DFI motherboard I've tried to overclock, here's what I've got so far: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mysterae/pc_s...ock/OC_9444.gif The above is on stock cooling, but watercooled in a few weeks. The wierd thing is that it will pass all those benchmarks shown above, but it will freeze on the 3DMark05 demo loop. Not quite stable yet . Does anyone have any pointers on the right way to overclock this board? All help appreciated!
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