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  1. hmm strange... so the only option is to do a fresh installl....... the other problem is that speedfan is still not supporting the mainboard/ are there other progs which i can use instead of smart gurdian, really don't want to do a fresh install, just i have everything correct now..... anyway all help is welcome
  2. smbus is installed.... and t he software did it before.. after my raid0 setup it doesn't work anymore. really don't know why...
  3. heyhey thnx for ur reply before the format i installe dthe new one from the dfi website.. but i just tried the one from the cd... but it is not working too... i used to work so i really don't know just using xp pro sp2
  4. hey guys, after my format i installed smart guardian again and it doesn't work.. al the readings give 0 0 volt 0 temp etc anyone who can help me out? thnx in advance! boblbee
  5. hey all, got an irritating problem... did a search and tried the given "solutions" but still nothing... I installed 2 x Wd 200gb in Raid 0 after that i get the error message in the boot procedure... the message is: Warning: Have option Rom cannot be invoked Vendor ID: 11ABh / 4362h AFter the search i think the 11Abh is probably the marvel lan controller? i am not sure.. anyone who knows more... in windows i don't have any problems but the message keeps irritating me... and ofcourse its not there for nothing.. any help welcome.. thnx in advance
  6. hehe great shalliere for solving the prob... i had the same problem a week ago when i double checked everything it was the 4 pin which wasn't clicked al the way into the board.... as i remember the manual didn;t said it was necessary that u use the 4 pin.. so... if u'r PSU don't have the 4 pin then u can't use the mainboard? or is it just something hyper PSU has.... anyway have fun tweaking
  7. the problem is solved... i just disconnected al th parts and put them together again and the pc boots again... when i was disconnecting the parts i found that the power suply plug next to the main powersuply plug was a bit loose.. maybe that was the problem... anyway hope it's keep booting correctly..
  8. hmmm i've got a simelar problem since today. in the past i had once in a while that the comp will reboot at a sudden but that was rare.. today it al at once started to get a black screen and rebooted.. but remained the black screen.. after it i can't boot it anymore.. i push the button and it fans everything s going on except monitor keeps having a black screen and then saying no signal.. i already ressetted the bios... put the memory in yellow slot 1 and even without memory .. but it won't boot... anyone who can help me out here? is the mainboard defect? i used the board a full month now... thnx in advance boblbee
  9. I've got the same problem and indeed it was becauser of the LAN connnector once i pulled it out there was no problem in benchmarking sisandra.. the only thing what bothers me now is that. My screen goes black and i need to hard restart the comp when i want some info about the bios/cpu and the motherboard in sisandra.. anyone who knows a solution...? thnx in advance boblbee
  10. heyhey mize.. do u have a link for the swifttech? i can only find watercooled units... or are these the one u are gonna apply? i put a fan on the chipset, it helped a few 1-degrees. Due of the sound of my system i closed the side panel now.. and offcourse the temp is raised again... idle around 49, i am not planning to keep my case open the whole time... Is there anyone who knows more about the dfi nb temps.. should i buy alternative cooling or " i don't have to worry about these temps"? anyway thnx for reading this
  11. my NB chipset temps are between 49-51 c. this is when the system is doing nothing.. when i deattach oneside of my case the temp drops to 41-43. I am a bit worried about these temps didn't put any artic silver or another fan on it.. does it help? or should i change the whole NB fan heatsink etc.. to get "normal" temps..
  12. heyhey all, my first post here.. anyway i've installed the 10/11/2005 bios. from the dfi website.. is this beta bios an improvement? do u recommend to install this one? anway hi to all!!! and hope DFI-street can help me out. ( a beginner Oc-er) boblbee
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