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  1. i just cleared cmos and it all worked. few... thx for ur help!
  2. i just tried that but no good... still the LED stops at 3.. is it ram or cpu? i hope neither..
  3. hi i just built my first rig and last 2 days were fine..and now it wont boot... diagnostic light stops at 3led lit. did i fry cpu?? well...that would suck.. cuz what i did was re-applied thermal paste...(changing to AS5) and added FDD.. i unplugged FDD and result is the same...at 3LED.. pls help...
  4. i just read that 7800GTX wont fit in this mobo...cuz of nf4 fan... is that tru? cuz im getting the card next week..and if it wont fit...ill cry..
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