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  1. Maybe the drivers ur using? What are they?
  2. prolly battlefield 2 onoly i had the same . happening to me game is all jacked up reinstalled and worked fine then i patcghed it to 1.3 and it takes like 4 mins just to load also happened on my friends comp so i think it might be the game and maybe just some incompatibilty with something its just gay badass game though once i got it working
  3. yeah i did got them running good on stock cooling idle at 38c and loads at about 65C
  4. I did also i have one evga 7800gt and one albatron modded and flashed to the same bios on each i'm currently running at 530/1200 but i can go as high as 550/1210 with just a little bit of artifacts. If u want to clock them both just raise the clock speed with nivibtor annd flash both cards i', getting 7800 in 3d06 and 14535 in 3d05 and i was also wondering abou the mem mod and if its worth it
  5. I already did the Volt mod to my 7800Gts but i was hoping to get more out of these babies so i was wondering if anyone knows how to do this or if it will give me any increase in performance cus i wanna get as much out of this setup as i can until i build me a new one. Is the mod hard to do or is it worth it? Thanks ahead
  6. maybe you errored out a few times why getting your overclock so it might have messed up the OS. happenend to me
  7. i have some mushkin Extreme performance running at 536Mhz
  8. my nvidia went bad but i formatted again today and my marvell didn't come up as its needed drivers but i installed the drivers and the marvell worked but the nvidia still a no go just make sure marvel LAN control IS enabled
  9. hey fellas i just got me a new processor so my sig changed i was wondering is someone could help me out blick made me one last time and it was awesome if anyone has any spare time to make me one it would great thanks
  10. Its a Thermaltake Venus 80mm Copper heatsink works resally great keeps me at 30C idle
  11. its not a at 3800+ its an opty i'm not sure why it says its an X2 but yeah ima try to get my cooling up that way i can pick these GTs to around 600/1300 maybe i can catch up
  12. Well i couldn't get it to 2.9 tried for 2 days with voltages up to 1.6v so i brought it down to 2.88Ghz and its 8hr prime stable so i'm just gonna keep it that way running great and i got to overclock my RAM to 536Mhz which makes the system a bit snappier ima look into the VC-RE if maybe u can post up a link that would be great
  13. Ok i left the RAM at 250 with looser timings and seems to be running ok i'm about %100 sure itwas the RAM so now ima jst hope its still running in the morning post up with results later. Oh yeah and my prime states %100 on eah core i thought it would have slowed down when doing other things but i can still search the internet and it doesn't slow down at all
  14. Wooo hooo thanks to all the help here and everything else i managed to pass 14000+ in 3dmark05 with my setup and i'm super proud of it here's my orb http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2173118. Thanks to all the guides here including the overclocking guide the most helpful thing i have ever read and how to volt mod my 7800Gts
  15. What r u using to see what the memory is running at cus that nvidia Ntune monitor is whack showing high butt speeds that i only wish it could run on. Oh yeah and the way u got that figured out on top is wrong cus u always have to round up when you divide so instead of 2700/13.2 it should bet 2700/14 that equals 192.8 which is 193 so the AMD thing is right. It states in the over clocking guide that you need to round up the number.
  16. I guess we all got the same problem i just got mine in yesterday with the same stepping as urs CCBBE 0617 and after 3.0ghz one core fails after a few seconds so i'm not sure WTF is goin on but i was wondering Petezz whats the voltage you got urs at when u have it at 2.9Ghz and why does the Nvidia monitor show hardcore wacked out memory mhz mine is showing 646Mhz when its around 245 i dunno. Oh yeah and do you guys the Those AMD Dual-core drivers and optimizers will help any if at all
  17. Well its been priming for about 30 mins now and i think it was because i loaded optimized defaults on the memory. I was using the same timings as i used on my San diego and i think the sandy might have had a better memory controller not real sure but its doing better i'll post up soon with results maybe it can help you out
  18. This should help you tremendously at figuring out all that divisor crap using it right now works great.
  19. Read this before you burn your CPU its very helpful>http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823
  20. Oh yeah and i had my Errata 123 and errata 94 disabled is this bad i heard about something with one of them having to do with Dual-core CPUs any info might help thanks
  21. Ok it seems the memory isn't stable cus i put it on 1/2 at 2.91Ghz and it doesn't fail so i was wondering if i should go with 530Mhz for the ram and up the voltage to 3v but i'm not sure if these sticks can handle that much juice don't want to kill them or if i should back down to 490Mhz at 2.8V i don't want to lose any performance but i'm not sure if i will notice and these sticks are rated at 500Mhz PC4000. Any help would be greatly appreciated and i currently have the vcore at 1.55 and its seems stable but i have to wait and see
  22. Yeah everything in my Sig is the same as what i got except for the new processori have my LDT on Auto and ima try what you asked as far as the vcore but i don't have a multi-meter so i can't check that out i'll be back soon
  23. I' ve been trying like a nut to get this baby to be stable at 3Ghz but the Second core always fails after bout 5 Mins and only the Second core when running dual prime. i dropped it down to 2.91Ghz and it primed for about 6hrs then failed and i tried it again and then it failed in like 3 mins and its always core #2. I'm not sure whats going on my RAM is stable at 536Mhz at 2.9V and even if i put the RAM on a 1/2 divider it still fails so i think its CPU and i have my CPU at 1.525v I try raising it higher but still fails around the same time my load temps are Cpu>47C> Pwmtemp 51C> Chipest 47C. Well a BIOS flash help me out here and help would be greatly appreciated thanks. P.S. I just got it yesterday
  24. i would also suggest a Dual core CPU like the X2 3800+ its like $150
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