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  1. It doesn't matter which drivers u use the other guy doesn't know. I also did the SLI mod and been working fine with the newest drivers. You probably need to change the jumpers on the board so that both cards get 8x from each slot and if you haven't one of the cards is getting only 2x therefore thats probably why its slwoing down.
  2. why don't you got into device manager and install the ACPI multi-processor deal? or something like that maybe someone here know what i'm talking about
  3. i have like 8 fans in this case so i'm not worried about case temps but will both cards fit 4 sure? I have an ultra-d and the slots aren't as big as an expert atleast apart its got like one slot in between j/w
  4. Since i have modded my cards a bit i think they deserve some better cooling than stock i'm open to any suggestiosn but I'm staying air-cooled thanks. And also some RAM sinks i could put on them also
  5. i got 8 fans in a XG-Box dragon case this thing is like a hurricane in therei don't mind the noise
  6. I was thinking about doing that but ima just leave it as is runs all my new games so thats all i need. Thanks 4 the help couldn't have done it without ur help.
  7. well when i did the bios volt mod i messed with it quite a bit and i set the delta to 40 and the clock to 510 so that got me 550. I tried it without the delta and just the 550 but it wouldn't work out so i stuck with the delta. Yeah i had just done the mem mod and got up to like 2.33v
  8. I juist mem modded my cards and i tried with a single one and i got this score>http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2205136 yuss i passed 9000+ with a 7800GT at 550/1350
  9. Ok i have done the mem mod and i think i burned one of my cards its dead. LMAO i'm jk everything went great i wasn't to sure how to use the multi meter i just set it where when i tested it it was a little over 2.0v and then i just went up to like 2.29V on both caards in a few tries took about 20mins i booted them one at a time and i scored 8995 in 05 with just one card. I tested ingame for artifacts and nothing at all i'm runnig the cards at 550/1300. It sucks cus now that i've done this i want to do the vcore hard mod to get more out of these things its like i'm trying to suck the life out of them. AWESOMe
  10. everything will arrive in like 30 mins i will post back soon as it gets here.
  11. i'm about to attempt to do the mem mod to my cards in about an hour. Um i don't know how to use a multi-meter and help on what to set it on or what? thanks
  12. it might be heat related cus thats what happened to me. My rig is freaken loud so at night i leave it downloading and lower down all the fans and so i can sleep peacefully. Next day i wake up and i start encoding( i encode movies about 3 times a day) and it would freeze and windows would freeze on me completely so i had to hard reset. i teied primsing and it would fail alomst instantly so i thought it was a mem problem. messed with it a while and i remebered about the fans so i cranked them up full blast and then encoded again and everything went fine and afterwards i ran prime and it was 8hrs stable. So in the end it was just the fan not cooling the CPU enough so maybe you could check that out
  13. Well i've read of people picking up the vcore to about 1.7v and the mem to 2.4v and getting clocks like 600/ 1400 and scoring like 10,000 in 05 and i want to jump on that bandwagon
  14. i know i had to mess with the voltage table to get it the vcore voltage to 1.5v and now i was messing with that nvibitor program and i seemed to be able to get higher but not sure if it would work and i was wondering if anyone had done this or heard of this i took a screenshot of the info check it out.
  15. ok this is really freaking me out maybe you guys can help. the thing is i ran oblivion at 1024x768 and got 35FPs, i ran it at 1280x1024 and got 37FPS then i ran it at 1600x1200 and got 38FPS in the same are i just loaded a quicksave near some trees i'm not sure whats going on. Oh yeah and this is just a fresh install of XP and i loaded all the dual core drivers, optimizers, and hotfix but i'm at a loss of ideas of what could be wrong. Thanks ahead of time.
  16. what was ur ending voltage after you traced it 5 times? is it the more i trace it the higher the voltage goes? do i trace it softly or do i do it kinda hard? Thanks again for all the replies i haven't been able to get any help on this and i want to do it right. and when i test with the multi-meter is the video card on and runnig or what sorry about this i'm a noob to this.
  17. so where it says pencil i just join the two parts with the pencil but where do i put the tester to measure the voltage and how much is tock and what am i supposed to get to. Does it matter how much lead i put on it like run over with the pencil? do i need to do it a certain amount? thanks for the info
  18. oh yeah and it seems that you can get higher than 1.5v with the soft bios mod and i was wondering if anyone has tried this and what happened?
  19. i'm scoring 14535 but without the mem mod and i have my core at 550 and mem 1209. i just did the vcore softmod with the bios editorshttp://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2173118
  20. what game is it? and off topic really how did you do that mod i'm trying to learn how was it hard?
  21. Okay i have made up my mind and i really want to do this mod but i can't find any decent pictures or explanations on how to do it so i was wondering if there was anyone here at DFI-street that has done it that way i you could help me get started i would greatly appreciate it . Thanks
  22. check ur MSconfig on the run and disable some of the startup options maybe clean out ur temp folder just type %temp% on the run and delete everything in there. Mine takes about a bar and a half to load into windows also what seemed to make mine load faster was the overclock and then only loading the 1st 2 drivers from the floppy when i re-installed windows i know because i have reformatted my HD like 60 times already and also leave it for a few days and sometime it will speed up on its own.
  23. A6437

    19" LCD Monitor

    Isn't 15ms response time better for pictures so i've read i think correct me if needed on that
  24. The dfi-expert is longer than the SLI-D so it won't fit the Ultra-d 4 sure cus i tried using one.i have the SLI flexible one that i got from ecost but they took 4ever like a month and i think this one will fit it was recommended by lots in this site http://www.atacom.com/program/atacom.cgi?K...ARCH=SEARCH_ALL oh yeah and you will see a hell of alot of increase in SLI with the bridge on. SLI is awesome i went from getting 25 FPS at 1280x1024 withh all things cranked to getting 90 FPS at 1280x1024 cranked up on FEAR. These cards if tweaked properly will keep up or beat alot of 7900Gts cus i've done so. Good luck
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