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  1. this is a 7900gt 256mb card and is XFX. This here is the 7950gt Evga which i always buy because of their lifetime warranty and there excellent Step-up program which hooked me on them. Cleary after you see those lins iknow you will get the 7950gt its clocked higher and has more memory and its like $10 more its a no-brainer dude but you decide.
  2. go for the 7950gt basically the same card but with double the memory here is some benches comparing the 7900gt to the 7950GT. The 7950gt is barely up ahead from the 7900GT but on newer games that utilize high texures NEED atleast 512mb or ram and when u enable this ona 512mb card u lose like maybe 1 FPS but when u enable it on a 256mb card you lose like 20 FPS which is alot.
  3. Well in the Nvidia control panel i have everything set to performance no AA or AF and multi-sampling with Alternat frame rendering with SLI
  4. 7950GT has more texture memory than the 7800gtx which will be useful for newer games
  5. thats is gay come on says that both of my cards score a lil over 1000 on 06 yea right i'm gettin well over 8000+ and look at that prey bench at says i get 40 fps ha h a look at my REAL score over 100 at 1600x1200 tom is cool but those benches and scores are ridiculously off. Oh yeah and ICE if you dont plan on upgrading for that long then go with the 7950GT and if you go with Evga and the g80 card comes out b4 ur step-up runs out then just upgrade that baby i'v heard they will be coming out in november but not sure
  6. Ok for some reason after upgrading to this glorious opteron it plays superior in every game i own except Oblivion. I get extreme studdering when i'm fighting especialyy in the market place when i attack the guards lol like unplayable slideshow i would much rather have extreme lag than studdering its fkn annoying. I have tried every fix i can find all dual-core patches and hotfixes and i updated oblivion with a patch and still nothing and when i have the game a 1024x768 it stills studders massively and when i up it o 1600x1200 it stills studders and the funny part is that from 1024x768 to 1600x1200 my FPS goes up like 20FPS hilarious something weird going. help
  7. Oh and if your thinking about going the route CPDMF suggested wiyth selling one and getting the 7900 for like 250 i would highly recommed you get 2x7950Gts cus they have 512mb of memory which is needed in most newer games and higher resolutions and they are only about 45 bucks more but well worth the extra texture memory
  8. Well if you wanna see how good these cards are ingame well then check this out here those are MY benches with new games and they do very well on FEAR and PREY i have everything maxed out to the top. Oh yeah and in 3d05 i'm scoring 14890 if you want the ORB i'll post it up.I'm not sure if ur PSU will run both cards though i wouldn't know about that PSU can anyone help in answering this question
  9. i have an Albatron and an EVGA card and the funny part is the Albatron clocks higher on the mem and the core. And there is no way a 7900Gt will beat 2 7800gts even if they aren't even overclocked and the 7900gt is cus i beat a 7900GTX ha
  10. Its freaken super easy to overclock the GPU but the CPU takes much much more patience and time. With the SLi GPUs u can either use coolbits or rivatuner i like rivatuner better cus it saves my overclocking settings when i reboot and i know coolbits does this also but it hasn't worked for me yet. Well anyways all you do in rivatuner is enable hardware overclocking reboot and slowly move the sliders up one is for the core and the other is for the memory just go up slowly and then test in games for a while and you'll notice a gain in FPS and if you want more then just go higher but watch for artifacts like . messing up on screen once you start seing them its the sign to back down a little but ur on water-cooling so if those cards are on water-cooling i'm pretty sure you can go higher than those on AIR. You should try the BIOS volt mod its very easy and it will easily give u about a 20mhz gain then what it maxes out without the volt-mod. Very safe since you don't have to tear anything up at all its all soft-mod you can find that here. trust me you can hang with the big-cards once you make em give u a lil more and even though they are still awesome cards. Oh yeah and make sure on newer games not to set ur texture on ultra or the highest cus it will cause a huge drop in FPS cus of the 256mb in the cards versus 1 card with 512mb but I easily beat a 7900GTX and a 1900Xt my friends have and pretty bad
  11. Well if ur gonna get just one 7950gt or buy another 7800gt i would highly suggest you get the other 7800gt it woudl tear up a single 7950gt for sure and with a lil bit off modding and overclocking u can tear up a 7950GX2 ha i DO
  12. you should start of like mack said slowly with family then go higher and better to more people thats how i did it. I'm 20 and i've built a good 25 computers and fixed countless whenever i'm lost i just google my problem but you should take it slow at 1st just to get some experience on how to talk to people and make them feel confident so they keep coming back for checkups and stuff like that just make sure everything is completely legal software wise. Just be confident and don't get over your head
  13. I did it and i was able to hit 550 max and 530 without artifacts
  14. Thing is i don't settle 4 less what i want i GET i just wanted ur guys opinion on what to get and don't get the wrong idea i'm not no snotty rich boy that has everything I work my butt off in everything i do i guess thats why i was able to buy a $5000 car buy the time i turned 16 with MY cash i NEVER get nothing handed to me so i'm not here trying to show off what i can buy but for an opinion from this awesome site and thanks again for ur info
  15. You need to upgrade thats 4 sure as 4 me upgrading i game ALOT i mean ALOT i don't want no lag. If ur a racer would you settle for an average car ? prolly not you'd want the best
  16. Ok i don't get under 40fps on the older games but on the recent new ones like call of juarez, oblivion and company of heroes i can't run everything maxed out period oblivion drops down to like 25 FPS, company of heroes to like 20 fps and call of juarez even with a few settings down stays at 35 or a lil less. every other game though rune like a mofo i average about 70 fps on FEAR at 1600x1200 with everything cranked up but i'm sure its the memory size thats killing these cards with newer games. My friends have 512Mb cards one a 7900GTX and the other a 1900xt and when they put on some more settings they lose like 3 fps me on the other hand like on company of heroes i lose 15 fps just by going from high texture to ultra and then i lose like 30 fps when setting i set shadows and other stuff on and in the end with new games they get higher more playable FPS than me but in older games when they didn't utilize much memory i leave them in the dust bad
  17. LOL i'm thinking about selling these for like $350 for both but not too sure yet. I'm leaning towards the 7950gts instead cus $200 bucks is lots of cash just get a third lol triple SLI ha. Nah well for price performance i think i'm better off with the 7950gts but i'm still looking around at revies of cards just doing my home work and what did u guys think about the link i had there? Do u think its true? cus if its about 2 months away i would definately wait for that but i want them now ima give myslef a week to make my decision then i'm gonna order them. Do you think if i OC the 7950gts they will run as good as the 7900GTX and if i do happend to get the 7950gts do i need to upgrade my PS? I'm not running anything extra just 1 HD, 1 DVD drive and like 6 fans about it 800mm fans.
  18. EVGA equals step-up program a winner for me and maybe for you
  19. As for being able to run anygame with 1 7800gt with all settings maxed and at a playable framerate i think that is not possible with new games like FEAR, PREY and especially GRAW. SLI is the way to go for me I myself need to have everything cranked up i hate jaggies once i learned how to crank up image quality i never went down again and what sux is that I NEED high FPS I hate lagging so it kinda sux being me since i NEED both so thats why ima upgrade to something with more texture memory cus. You gotta upgrade sometime no? I've had these babies since last november so i can honestly say they've had a great run and its all about tweaking. When i 1st got FEAR i was getting at average FPS of 48 at 1280x960 now a year later and newer more effeciant drivers i'm up at about 100FPS with all the modding done to my cards and all they had a good run
  20. Okay i WILL be buying a new set of video cards soon cus i just got a 1500 dollar check wooo hooo but i'm not willing to blow it all on the video cards ha lol i wish. Well i was really looking into the 7950gts and the 7900GTXs and comparing the results to my video cards my modded 7800gts and my cards are real close to them like maybe 5 or 6 frames away in the FEAR benchmarks that i used to compare to mine to the other cards well the 7900GTX in SLI which are better than the 7950gts right? Well i wanted to know out of these both which ones are better overclockers and just better card for price ratio and will they beat my current setup by a large margin once i start clocking them higher than stock like way higher. Also how much of a difference will the 512mb on each card make a difference in smoothness compared to my current setup and i'm %100 sure i wanna go with Evga cus of their step-up program and after i read this article so i could upgrade then or should i just wait cus those things sound extremely hardcore. oh yeah and will my PSU handle these cards in the long run? i have used 2x7900GTX in my system b4 for like a day and i was just messing with them not REALLY gaming just benching and they beat my cards by like 500pts in 3dmark05 and like almost 2k in 06. So it seems that at higher res they WILL run better. So after all this writing i just need help and thanks
  21. I was looking for this Thread didn't find it til now but here you guys go http://www.simsarchive.jumbahost.com/freegames3.php
  22. A6437

    mpeg4 to mp3

    Try this one its not free but the trial last quite a while and you can do as many as you want cus i did about 50 conversions to make ringers 4 my phone. just click on the DOWNLOAD WAVEPAD awesome program http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/masters.html
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