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  1. Why don't you just use ITE Smart Guardian. It came with my nf4 drivers cd and should come with yours. Checks all the temps and voltages.
  2. Thanks alot Rgone i'll BE looking into that thanks for all your help.
  3. Just got read Rgones post thanks alot i'm juss gonna buy the kit and hope it works thanks alot for your help.
  4. well I am going to buy an OCZ pc 3200 dual channel kit because they stopped making the ocz ddr 500 vx line. The thing that worries me is that it won't boot with one stick alone in slot #3 or #4 is this normal? Do i have to have both rams in order to be able to use slot #2 and #4. i just don't wanna buy the kit if i won't be able to use it ini dual channel. I am only gonna use the new kit and not my old memory do u think this will give me any problems. when i place the ram in slot #3 or #4 it just has long beeps and three leds light up. It was like this when i 1st got the board so i used slot #2 and then i flashed to 6-23 but yet it still won't boot with memory in slot #3 or #4. Do u think the board is doomed i just got it 2 weeks ago so maybe i can RMA it. thanks for the fast reply and help.
  5. I just got my board a week ago and everything went well. I was planning on upgrading from 512mb to 1gb of ram but for some reason the thing won't boot with the stick in the orange and yellow slots closest to the processor which i think are slots #3 and #4. i thought it might be my bios but I flashed to the 6-23 and its still won't b oot on slots #3 and #4 works fine on #1 0r #2. i wanted to run dual channel but i don't want to buy more memory and its won't work. Do i need to RMA it because the memory works fine and passes mem test. thanks ahead for your help.
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