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  1. Yeah thats what i was kind of worried about but gonna give it a shot anywho, should be ordering another card next week along with a higher res monitor 1900x1200 to put all that juice to work. Usually have the side of my comp open and i'll probably just place a fan next to it, don't really mind the noise when i have everything cranked up. I will post back on how it all works out, thanks again.
  2. Been awhile from the scene for a LOOOONG time just upgraded to a 512 MB 8800gts and a 600 watt OCZ SLI power supply. Bought crysis and like to say it has incredible detail love the graphics. Though I want to try to SLI this mofo up but not sure if both cards will fit and/or make the cards overheat being so close together. My MB is SLI modded. Anyone have this sort of setup running fine? Is the Power suplly enough juice? Like I said its been a while, thanks in advance.
  3. Company of heroes maxed out should really stress out your PC.
  4. The reason im gonna toss these GTs is because of the INgame studdering with the hardcor graphic games. I have never really been able to set my games to the complete MAX without some sort of studdering or what seems to be a weird kind of lag. I get high FPS but it studders quite a bit with the graphics all max and i think it has to do with the memory on the card maybe not enough to handle those games properly and smoothly. I hope that studdering/lahg goes away. My set up is 16 hrs prime stable so i doubt its my system. So n ow that i got the cash ill be ordering that card very soon to feel a much smoother overall ride. BTW how is the IQ compared to my 7800gts?
  5. Whats the difference in Performance in comparison to your old card setup?
  6. I'm about to order two 250g HD to set up in RAID 0 for the loading speed increase and overall smoothness of the OS(so i've heard). The thing is i have not one idea how to do this lol. If anyone could please help me or link me to an article that could help brighten me up in this kind of setup it would be greatly appreciated. Also what are other Pros to this setup? Thank you
  7. I've been out of the gaming scene for a while but now im back at it and i'm looking at the 8800GTX. It look pretty big and i was wondering if anyone has the exact length of the card to measure and see if it will fit in my DFI-Ultra D motherboard and XG dragon case. Also do you guys think my OCZ 520 will be able to handle 1 of these? DO you think the performance gain will be huge from my 2 modded 7800gts? Thank you guys in advance.
  8. Ok recently i've gotten this long black line going trhough the middle of my screen, Its there in the bios and everythuing and im not sure what it is. Is it just a whole line of dead pixels?Im not reall sure so any help would be greatlt appreciated thanks
  9. just flash both cards with the same bios. I did on my 7800gts one is Evga and the other Albatron
  10. try the RGB instead of the DVI even if its with the converter thing, this happened to my friend the monitor wouldn't pick up frequency when in DVI i'm not sure why just try it
  11. FEAR maybe, Age of empires III, company of heroes lots of RTS games
  12. Well my friend wanted to buy another widescreen monitor for his DFI system but we're not sure if he can run both monitors to play games or anything like that any help would be appreciated thanks
  13. the 7900gtx is is about 400 bucks and you can find the 1900xt for like 300 bucks the IQ is much better on the ATI cus my friend has one and they are basically the same inn performance but remember you can run HDR + AA on ATI but not on nvidia. i'm thinking about making the jump to ATI also but i need a new MB so i'm still thinking about cus i want to run crossfire.
  14. You should try the other slots just cus and then make sure all ur connections to the MB are in correclty and clear CMOS it has saved lives b4
  15. Is there any motherboard that currently supports SLI or Crossfire with the conroe and if not do you guys happen to know when maybe to expect one.
  16. It might be the drivers and most likely is sometimes that stuff happens it happened to me try finding newer drivers or maybe a lil older ones but i think like a %100 its the driver especially if they're not he ones you used before so look for some new ones like these and try them these are WHQL so they should work.
  17. OK i found out what was wrong with this deal. Well i noticed whenever i fought in a heavy battle like the sound was off or sometimes i couldn't hear anything at all like the onboard audio was messed up. Well I bought a 30 dollar creative sound card and it seems that it has solved ALL of my problems. i didn't buy cus i thought that was it i just wanted a little clear sound and man for 30 bucks it was really worth it
  18. wow i thought there was gonna be a hardcore difference since the 7900gt is way newer good job
  19. Well i've tried with just one card same thing, vsync is off for sure , I just got over it cus it only happens in the city market deal when i attack the people thanks anayaways guys
  20. Well I am trying the vista beta at the moment and so far i would NEVER move to it. Takes forver to boot, uses like 600mb just at startup without running any programs, the internet is EXTREMELY makes me remember when i had dial-up, and with the new Nvidia drivers its not SLI capable or something cus i don't see it in the control panel. Hope it gets better
  21. Well it should be their for step-up i'm not sure why not but maybe you can research that. Did you find anything out on the release date or nah?
  22. Well the step-up program works is you have 90 days about 3 months to use it and i most cases new cards come out about every 2 months lol or something like that well if you use ur step-up with evga what happens is that you call em then they check to see if you can still do if u didn't run out of time then u send yours in and just pay the difference in price so if you paid 300 bucks for your card and even if it goes down to like 100 bucks they still credit you what you paid for and then you just pay the difference for the new card. But since you got some risks to take its all up to you
  23. I'm not sure aout PS but my 0cz 520 SLI handles them just fine goodluck on what you choose i recommend Evga and the 7950gt at 1st cus rumors about G80 coming out in a few months and you could take full advantage of their Step-up program
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